Superhero Cupcakes Decorated With Logos for True Comic Fans

Human imagination has given birth to versatile Superheroes like Superman and Batman. Each one has a distinct costume, mask, and then there is logo or mark which they leave behind while they remain behind the shroud of mystery and anonymity.

JustJenn has created awesome Superhero Cupcakes and decorated them with these Superhero logos. These cupcakes simply look yummy and comic fans will surely love this power snack.

superhero cupcakes1

Superhero comic books, movies, and games gained instant popularity because of the awesome presence of Superhero characters like Batman and Superman who are compassionate but powerful enough to overcome evil and dark forces.  These Superheroes are modern day legends and they take both young and old on a fantasy trip where good wins and evil has to taste bitter defeat.

superhero cupcakes2

It must have been very difficult to recreate perfect and colorful logos on these tiny cupcakes. JustJenn has done an awesome job and these Superhero cupcakes seem to be an exhibit of all Superhero logos ever designed. These are ideal theme cakes for any comic fan’s party.

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Via: Laughing Squid