Sci Fi Eye Chart To Test Your Knowledge!

Eye charts are useful, if you’re an optometrist. But what is better than an eye chart, especially for those of us who are not in to optometrics? – A Sci-Fi eye chart!

A larger version is available for download if you really want to use it, but otherwise it’s just fun to look at and see how many of the icons you can identify. The eye chart is based on the traditional Snellen chart, but it’s the actual characters that got me intrigued. It has 36 well-known icons and logos from popular games, movies, TV series, and comics. It can be easily summed up as “part geek quiz and part typography poster.”

It’s quite an interesting pastime to see how many characters you can actually identify. In fact, there is an ongoing competition where the first person who gets them all in the correct order will wind a poster of the Sci-Fi eye test. It’s easy. Simply go to the comments section and see how many you can identify! Last time I checked the closest person to winning the chart identified 30 out of the 36 characters! Alternatively, you can buy your own copy.


I also tried to identify all of them. Sadly, I would not be walking away with the winning entry. However, I’ve identified enough logos to make me feel quite proud of myself! And I wont give anything away – it’s a fun challenge after all – but let me give you some clues so you can fill in the empty gaps and be crowned as the geekiest comic/movie/TV series/games fan…

Being the “Star” fan that I am, I identified them first: Star Wars, Stargate, and Star Trek. Yes, I’m a huge Star Wars and Star Gate fan. A few other beloved favorites that reminded me of many cherished moments include Quantum Leap and Terminator. It took some time but I also found Battlestar Galactica. (Sadly, Big Bang’s theory would not be proud of me at all…) Also, if you look closely you might spot Wolverine, Avatar, Robocop, and even E.T, our most beloved extra terrestrial! Of course, what would any Sci Fi chart be without Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, and even Resident Evil!

So, why not give it a shot? Go ahead and see how many you can identify by leaving a comment below. I’m pretty sure if you enjoyed this chart as much as I did, you’d also love 18 Creative Calendar Designs and Stunning Works Of Art Made From Empty Ink Cartridges.

Via: Geekologie