Intuit And Mophie Offer Complete Card Solution For iPhone

Intuit along with Mophie is in the news again and this time for launching the credit card feature for iPhone.

Credit Card Terminal App

For almost a year, Intuit has given small business owners an easy tool to collect credit card payments remotely under the name GoPayment. This time pairing with Mophie, Intuit aims to enhance the credit card payment acceptance policy using a card reader to cover the iPhone with Complete Card Solution.  Yes, we are talking about Credit Card Terminal Application for iPhones.

You would be glad to know that this new credit card application for iPhone, also known as the updated version of GoPayment is absolutely free of cost but the service will cost you $13.00 per month. Rest assured that there is no contract for using this application. This application is full of many interesting features. The keyed entry in this application requires no additional hardware.

Another interesting fact about Credit Card Terminal application is that it is the first Authorize.Net-certified iPhone app. In this application, even the customer can choose the tip or gratuity when signing. This application is fast over cell networks like Edge/3G and wireless internet Wi-Fi and features optional functionality of capturing digital signatures.

You are also free to download Quickbook files, transaction history, and custom reports through Authorize.Net with this iPhone application. Feel free to perform full or partial refunds of past transactions with this new iPhone app. iPhone users with this app can also collect customer contact info for gathering records like name, email, address, and phone.

This new updated version of GoPayment integrates with Timewerks for advanced time tracking and invoicing features. This is not all; it also integrates with Ring It Up for advanced product catalog and point of sale features. You are also allowed to pick customer contact info from the iPhone address book. Enjoy accepting payments on iPhones, Macs, PCs, and websites using Authorize.Net account with this app.

In terms of security, Credit Card Terminal feature can transmit credit card information directly to Authorize.Net. It is safe to use this app, as all your credit card information is not communicated to the servers. Moreover, all your transactions are protected with SSL encryption. You will be also relaxed to know that this app doesn’t store credit card numbers once the transmission is complete. Also, note that Authorize.Net login details are collected; once tested, they are stored securely in the Apple Keychain.

So, next time use Credit Card Terminal feature on your iPhone for credit card payments.

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Via: Zdnet