CrystalRoc Crystallizes Techno World

CrystalRoc is a company based in London, which has designed and customized musical instruments for artists like Kylie Minogue, GirlsAloud, Rihanna, George Michael, Leona Lewis, and PussyCat Dolls, among others.

Dre Beats Headphones

The Dr Dre Beats headphone is one of those stylish products launched by CrystalRoc and in fact, CrystalRoc is the only company which has designed the Dr Dre Beats headphones ornamented with a fully crystallized look. These headphones are designed with 4,320 Swarovski Elements. Right now, they are available in black hematite and crystal and will be released soon in gold plated or in Chrome.

Ipad cover

Yet other CrystalRoc innovative products are the world’s first Apple iPad covers, which are available for all to purchase at the official website of the company, or from Knightsbridge or Harrods. These stylish covers are made with 5,000 Swarovski Crystal Elements and are made with chrome-finished hard shell plastic. These are lightweight and completely durable.

gold plated shotgun

CrystalRoc has brought before you crystal studded and gold plated shotguns! The great efforts put behind the creation of these shotguns show the perfection with which these are packed. CrystalRoc had put in some 48 man-hours to put in 2,820 Swarovski Crystal Elements on each shotgun. Some special glue was used to stick these crystals, to withstand the extreme heat of up to 250 degrees, when you fire the shotgun. The crystals are not exactly all over the gun, but can be found along the rib of the gun on the side plates and on the trigger guard, laid out in a very attractive design.

iphone4 crystal

CrystalRoc also brings again its iPhone 4G covers, which literally went out of stock due to the high demand among the iPhone users. These iPhone 4G covers come in 15 colors, enough for you to choose the one that suits your phone. You do not have to assemble these covers as these can be easily clipped on the back of the iPhones. With 13,000 Swarovski Elements, you can be more than sure to convert your iPhone into a more stylish phone. Available for purchase online, the CrystalRoc’s iPhone 4G covers come for a cost of GBP 69.00 only. So, it’s high time for you to get hold of your own attractive and cool CrystalRoc products! Via: Crystallizedmobiles