26 Geeky Car Mods

With all the different Geeky Movies and Themes, there bound to be some great rides that are worth replicating. Instead of having to search around the net for some cool cars, we gathered here 26 Geeky Car Mods that are inspired by various Geeky themes such as Star Wars, Pacman, Ghostbusters and more.

We hope you enjoy the entire Car Mods collection and if you run across some other Geeky Car Designs, make sure to send a picture our way.

Star Wars Vehicles

When we recall Star Wars, we would usually think of different ships like the Millennium Falcon or a Tie Fighter, but with tremendous creativity of Geeks, Star Wars cars have become a reality.

X-Wing Fighter Car Mod

star wars car mod design 1

This detailed X-Wing Fighter Car has so many different items related to the famous Star Wars saga, such as Yoda, R2D2, the license plate and many more. You do not have to be a Jedi to ride this vehicle, but you must be a complete Geek.

star wars car mod design 2

Star Wars Lanspeeder

star wars landspeeder replica design 1

star wars landspeeder replica design 2

These two Star Wars Landspeeder versions may look different but the only thought that goes through your mind right now is: I want it so bad! Well, the first one is a Replica that was actually available for sale on eBay, and the second one is a homemade one by Daniel Deutsch that shows complete devotion from a Star Wars fan.

star wars landspeeder mod design 1

star wars landspeeder mod design 2

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Jawa Sandcrawler

jawa sandcrawler star wars car mod 1

This awesome Jawa Sandcrawler is a lot smaller than we would have imagined, but it is also fan made and was seen at the 2007 Burning Man by Marc Merlins. It could be the perfect Carpool for Geeks.

jawa sandcrawler star wars car mod 2

Source 1


Pacman is one of the most popular Video Games characters and has many fans worldwide. The following car mods show the creativity of Gamers that range from weird to completely artistic.

Pacman Pimp My Ride

pacman car mod geek design 1

This Pimp Pacman Car has everything any geek would want: great theme, bright color, cool rims and even a pair of…

Pacman Gullwing Doors

pacman car mod geek design 2

A great Pacman Car that has awesome Gullwing doors…who could even dream such an amazing creation?

Pacman’s Fat Boy

pacman car mod geek design 3

Pacman’s Fat Boy was a ‘contestant’ in a Red Bull Soapbox competition. Not sure what place it got, but it sure have gotten many admirers.

Mini Pacman and Space Invaders Cooper

pacman car mod geek design 4

A great Mini Cooper Pacman design that added the little Yellow Guy (or Space Invaders) to the little car. It has not been officially released, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to implement independently.

Pacman Hot Rod

pacman car mod geek design 5

An old Pacman Car mod, yet even back when Pacman’s career just started, he sure made an impact.

Source 1

Batmobile Remakes

batman batmobile car mod design 1

batman batmobile car mod design 2

We have previously made a whole collection of 16 Awesome Batmobile Remakes, so we cannot show them all again here, but as a taste, here are a few awesome Batmobiles…made by diehard Batman Fans.

batman batmobile car mod design 3

batman batmobile car mod design 4

Source: Batmobile Remakes

Ghostbuster’s Ecto

ghostbusters ecto car mod design 1

The famous Ghostbusters Ecto has been modernized in these two versions with the first one out of a Subaru Outback, and the second is a concept of how hopefully Ecto will be made into a real Ghostbusters Hummer Vehicle.

ghostbusters ecto car mod design 2

Source 1 and 2

Back to the Future Delorean

back to the future delorean mod design 1

The Delorean was not much to look at when it first came out, but after Back to the Future was released, it became a popular car that many Geeks wished they had. Well, some would be happy to hear that some Delorean mods were up for sale and even included the Flux Capacitor for extra fun.

Source 1

H.R. Giger Alien Car

hr giger alien car mod design

A great car mod that is based on the Alien monster of H.R Giger. It may be a great one to look at, but many would probably actually be scared to be behind the wheel.

Source 1

Miscellaneous Geeky Cars

The following may not be themed after any special movie, TV show or video game, but they are still completely geeky.

The Invisible Skoda

invisible skoda car mod design

When you first looked at the Invisible Skoda you actually notice it is not really invisible, but for some reason…you do not feel duped. It is a great paintjob that made this particular Skoda into a Chameleon colored vehicle.

Carpucino Car Mod

carpucino car mod design

The Carpucino Car Mod is a great modification that allows a car to run on actual coffee. The result does not save you any money, but if you are trying to stay away from Gasoline, it may be your best bet besides an Electric Vehicle.

Xbox 360 Car Mod

xbox 360 car mod design 1

For gamers who always want to have their Xbox 36 with them, the Xbox 360 Car Mod provides a great solution. Just make sure not to play and drive.

Circuit Board Car

circuit board car mod design

This car mod is simply covered with various Circuit Board and may blind all onlookers and not just hard core geeks.

Source 1

Real Bumper Car

real bumper car mod design

Probably one of the funniest car mods we have seen that took the amusing Bumper Cars and made them into a real vehicle we can ride around town in.

Source 1

Pyramid Electric Car

electric pyramid car mod design

It is not based on any specific movie, but the Pyramid Car Mod is definitely geeky. It is an actual functional vehicle that is both electric and completely bizarre.

Source 1

Lego Jeep

lego jeep car mod design

A great Lego Jeep that has the colorful Lego bricks from our childhood add some color and life to an old vehicle.

Lego Car

lego-car-mod design for geeks

Unlike the Jeep above, this Lego Car is designed to look as if it is actually built from giant Lego Bricks. The result is pretty classic, and the colors are amazing.