Dolphin Hydrofoil Personal Watercraft – To Thrill Your Nerves!

No it’s not real! It still is a concept and I don’t really know when it will be brought into reality. So for now we should stick on praising the concept; who knows a manufacturer stumbles upon it and see that this thing is really popular.

Perhaps he will decide to make the first piece! The concept of a Dolphin Hydrofoil watercraft was brought forward by Nikko Van Stalk. My first impression – ‘it’s amazing!’

Trust me, this thing actually looks like a watercraft. Although I am still wondering how practical this jet ski or watercraft is, but for now the thing looks ‘fantabulous’. Yes that is how I like to call this thing because it’s a totally unique concept. I have never seen a jet ski like that before. Sleek, stylish, and the performance is just beyond imagination.

What does the Dolphin Hydrofoil watercraft has to offer?

Let’s start with it being the ultimate sports Jet Ski (or watercraft as they prefer to call it)! Unlike standard jet skis, this one has a bit higher seating which would keep enough distance between the rider and the water surface. You won’t be bothered about the thought of getting wet or outbalancing because of the way it is designed. The rear and the front hydrofoil are like wings supporting the rider, thus making it possible for him to speed up without the fear of touching the water surface. Actually, it’s more like a sports bike on which you are in a racing position completely!

Moreover, the front elliptical hydrofoil is meant to provide consistent elevation to the rider for making easier yet speedy drifts. The rider won’t need to worry about falling off the craft because the round edges make sure that the balance is maintained throughout. Also, this watercraft enables the rider to ride through tough waves as the front hydrofoil cuts through the waves and doesn’t even let them hit the rider. So it’s a pretty cool concept by Nikko Van Stalk. I am a fan for now!

From the pictures I can’t really say if the watercraft has any disadvantageous features. Therefore, right now I’ll rate it as ‘A must be produced’ concept’!

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Via: Born Rich