Saturator AK-47 Gun Saves You From Going Behind Bars!

Formulated in the Soviet Union by Mikhail Kalashnikov, the Avtomat Kalashnikova, which is also called as the AK-47, has been one of the most used assault rifles of all times.

AK-47 Automatic Water Gun

However, kids and grownups today are using an alternative of the actual AK-47 and this alternative comes in the form of the Saturator AK-47 Automatic Water Gun. It is the perfect weapon to indulge and have total fun in a water assault with your friends!

saturator AK-47 Automatic Water Gun

The water gun can fire water bullets in the form of a stream to a distance of 20 feet. Water assaults in the backyard have never been this exciting! These guns come in dimensions of 13.75″ x 9″ x 1.75″ and can fire four ‘water bullets’ in a second. The gun has a removable clip, which looks similar to the AK-47 magazine. This clip holds 5.75 fluid ounce of water, which loads you with some 250 water bullets.

You will not get extra clips but refilling the clips takes no time; you can also carry some extra ammunition in the form of water bottles. There is no manual pumping involved unlike most of the other water guns in the market. The gun works on a completely automatic motorized mechanism with four AA batteries. These batteries, however, do not come with the gun. They will last for around 2 hours, if you use the gun continuously. But in these 2 hours, you can inflict around 5 gallons of the water bullets which brings the number of shots fired to around 33,000! The recommended age of using these water guns is 8+.

saturator AK-47 Water Gun

These guns come in some cool colors, including yellow and blue. You can also have a transparent body of the gun to have a good view of the internal mechanism of it. The Saturator AK-47 Automatic Water Gun has a full license from Mikhail Kalashnikov.

You can easily purchase these cool water guns in the Vat19 website and they will be delivered at your doorstep by shipping giants UPS. All the three varieties of Saturator AK-47 Automatic Water Gun, blue, yellow, and transparent, come for $19.95.

The Saturator AK-47 Automatic Water Gun is enough to wage a one-on-one war with John Rambo. Well, at least in a water war!

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