iPad Orchestra Sounds Like the Genuine Instrument

I’m always amazed at how so many developers manage to seamlessly merge playing an instrument with various apple products. For example, take a look at the iPad Guitar or the iPhone street Orchestra app. Watching the iPad orchestra in this video, it looks like it is a whole lot easier to play than the real thing, too. Of course with that said, it would need to have maybe 1-3 buttons for it to be simple enough for me to play.

ipad orchestra app

The orchestra’s goal in the video is to show the potential and sound of Amidio’s latest Application named Seline HD. The piece they are playing is called Sweet Dream, which was actually created by the software itself. All hail the iPad music, and all will love it and despair. Amidio makes some other musical apps as well, such as the Touch DJ App.

cool ipad orchestra application

ipad orchestra application

Now if you’re interested in putting your very own orchestra together, it’ll cost you a whole lot less than a real one. You can get together some friends for $5.99 a pop. Not a bad price for the awesome power of musical fun.

new ipad orchestra app

Via: iSmashPhone