Lunartic Bicycle Prototype with Two Tyres of Different Sizes

The bicycle could replace automobiles as the most common means of transportation in the near future. Rising oil prices coupled with harmful environmental side effects of fossil fuels might make the ubiquitous bicycle a preferred means of transport.

An interesting fact about the bicycle is that the energy delivered by a cyclist onto the pedals is converted, almost entirely, to the wheels of the bicycle, which makes it the most efficient self-powered mode of transport.

Over the past few years, design engineers have come up with creative, new age designs for the urban bicycle. The Lunartic cycle prototype by Luke Douglas is probably one of the best-looking bicycle designs out there.

At first glance, the Lunartic looks like a design combination of a BMX stunt cycle and a high performance racing cycle. The front portion of the prototype bicycle has the regular handles, brakes, and a small wheel. The rear portion has a larger wheel with no spokes attached, and a seat mounted on top of the rear wheel.

The rear portion of the Lunartic displays clever engineering and an attractive visual aesthetic that will immediately grab your attention. A silver-colored steel plate covers the rim of the rear wheel. The steel plate is punctuated with square shaped holes- an aerodynamic design feature. The belt drive of the bicycle is attached to the rear wheel and has a toothed rubber belt that propels the bicycle forward.

The intelligently designed rear portion of the cycle is attached to the front portion by the rear steel plate that is bolted onto the front portion.

Lukas Douglas’ Lunartic is a bicycle concept that explores the impact of two different size tires on the performance of a bicycle. The relatively larger rear wheel can travel faster, adding more speed to the prototype. At the same time, the rear wheel has more contact area with the surface, adding more stability and comfort to the ride. In contrast to the performance-driven rear wheel is the smaller front wheel. The front wheel is a more traditional bicycle wheel with spokes and brake pads. Due to its smaller size, the front wheel allows the rider to maneuver the bicycle like an expert. The combination of the front and rear wheel complement each other, and gives maximum performance to the rider.

When compared to a normal bicycle, the Lunartic occupies less space, is lighter in weight, and can perform twice as much. It may not be that long before we see a Lunartic passing us by.

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Via: Yanko Design