The Human Body in HTML Code

Imagine you have to judge the ‘greatest computer programmer’ that ever lived. Who would you choose for the coveted title? Would it be Steve Wozniak – co-founder of Apple Inc., Bill Gates – co-founder of Microsoft, or Andy Bechtolsheim – co-founder of Sun Microsystems?

These three names have had tremendous influence on shaping the IT industry.

What if a programmer decided to write a computer code of the human body? Would this particular programmer be a deserving candidate for the award?

Alvaro G. Ghisolfo is an Argentine computer engineer who has coded (or decoded) the physical structure of a human body in HTML and PHP. This exercise was undertaken by the Argentinean computer engineer – not to win any ‘greatest computer programmer’ award, but as an exercise that would amuse the internet community.

The inspiration to code the human body came from a creative profile of another engineer that was posted online. In the profile, the engineer had described his physical appearance (hair, skin, eyes, height, and weight) in HTML codes.

For years, Alvaro had considered designing a t-shirt and a cap that would have the respective HTML codes inscribed on them. (For e.g., <head> inscribed on the cap). When he happened to read the HTML profile of the engineer, he decided to go the whole nine yards and write an HTML and PHP code of the human body. The result is a code that will impress you, amuse you, and even have a few chuckles coming out of you.

The title of Alvaro’s code is ‘The Human Body in HTML & PHP’. It begins by describing the head, hair, ear alignment, the height of the neck, and ends with the code for the feet. In between the coded lines the Argentinean engineer displays his creative side by including details such as the clothing on the body, marks on the body, and even they type footwear: The body is covered by a t-shirt with short pants covering the legs and Nike sneakers on its feet.

Alvaro has included other interesting details such as the sex (female), a tattoo on the right leg, a belly button, and probably the funniest of all… a sponsor message of his website address right in the middle of the chest area.

The Human Body HTML code has been written with the sole intention of inducing gentle laughs in the reader.

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