iPhone 4 Table Design

There is an odd enjoyment in seeing our everyday objects turned into things that aren’t in their real size. For example: a mini iPod keychain. The designers for this particular product, however, were thinking big.

These two tables are designed after the two ever-loved Apple products; the first belonging to the iPod Classic. As a table, it is quite unattractive; however it does look like an iPod. There is a screen that dominates the top half of the table and the controls directly below it.  The unattractive quality comes from the bulky look that the table has – a look that the common day iPod doesn’t have. When the iPod first made its debut it had a similar bulky look to it. In fact, if you’re to pull out your very first iPod Classic, had the colour of it been, they would look strikingly alike.

iPod Classic table

Perhaps the designer made this table during that time, or perhaps he chose this design as an art choice. Either way, the look is difficult to pull off in your living room, unless you have the right combination of furniture to match it with.

iPhone table

The second table is designed to look like the iPhone 4, and it definitely has a better appeal visually. It has a sleek black surface that could potentially match anything it’s put against. It is more simplistic in appearance than the iPod classic table is. Much like a real iPhone, most of the table is dominated by the screen. Considering the fact that the iPhone is touch-based, the use of buttons isn’t necessary. The borderline problem with this table is that it’s normal looking. It could easily be confused for a normal table.

That being said it all comes down to purpose. If the buyer wants the table to match everything in the living room, then the second table would be a more ideal choice. However, if the buyer wants a piece that immediately can be recognized for the device it’s representing, the first design is definitely a better pick.

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Via: Cult of Mac