Let The Paper Made Alarm Clock Wake You In Eco-Friendly Way

Before a mug of coffee does it, it would be your alarm clock that wakes you up in the morning. Now wonder how good it is to know that your alarm clock is made with recycled and molded paper!

Digital Alarm Clock Made of Paper

Yes, it is just like a very ordinary paper mold, but the only difference is that it can wake you up. In the modern era, when we all are looking for alternate forms of resources, this is the right thing one can think of having. Every time we dump our used electronic gadgets, we are harming the environment. The effects of these electronic wastes are known to one and all. This inspired Joon&Jung, the product design studio from Netherlands, to come up with this innovative alarm clock made of used paper.

Perhaps, nothing can be better than the technology of recycling. We all know about the good effects recycling have and how much it can protect our nature. These Joon&Jung Paper Alarm Clocks are manufactured from collected paper and have all the features that you want in any alarm clock.

The Joon&Jung Paper Alarm Clocks come with an exterior case manufactured from pulp paper. If you purchase these ‘eco-friendly’ alarm clocks, you are doing your bit in protecting the environment. What more is that even when you feel that you have used the alarm clocks enough and have found the need to dispose it of, you can still do it the eco-friendly way. The alarm clocks comes with a self-address envelop so that when you feel like doing away with it, you can mail it back to the makers who will again recycle them to make new alarm clocks. Dumping any other ordinary alarm clock anywhere will produce hazardous wastes which will harm the environment in too many ways.


The alarm clocks are developed with white-themed knitted electronic buttons cable, and mechanic buttons. The white knitted electronic buttons cable is produced in Tilberg, Netherlands. The LED screen displays the time behind a textile display, which is clear enough for you to have a good look at the time. Joon&Jung Paper Alarm Clocks were exhibited at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2010.

A lot is yet to meet the eye and for detailed info you can browse the Joon&Jung website to check out more of these innovative alarm clocks.

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Via: Geekalerts