The Glowing Green Lantern Cake is Awesome!

Man, we have seen some real cool and fancy cakes this year! Last time, I wrote about the Yoda Head cake which was a bit gross but this one is extremely wonderful. It’s a Green Lantern Battery Cake and it is the most unique concept I have actually seen this year.

For sure we have seen cakes of Transformers characters and Star Wars characters, but we’ve never really seen a Wolverine claw cake or something like that. This is what I am talking about. It would not be that astonishing for me to see a Green Lantern head cake, but this Green Lantern Battery cake is. A really piece of art is what I would define it as.

I don’t know what’s got into Don’s head that he made this cake. Maybe he saw a Green Lantern movie before shopping or maybe he has been a Green Lantern fan since childhood; and with the rising fad of fancy cakes, he decided to make his fantasy come true. There are quite a lot of ‘maybes’ running through my mind right now, so I’ll stop guessing and get back to the cake.

The light unit was designed by Jared and rest of the cake was made by Ari. Let’s stop here and tell these guys that, “hey this cake rocks!” The cake was made according to the Nigella Lawson’s Guinness Stout chocolate cake. From the pictures I can assure that the cake must have been delicious to devour. Look at that dark chocolate in the center! It looks so yummy with that green cream!

Apart from the concept and the cake’s deliciousness, I personally believe that it could have been a bit better. The finishing does not look good enough. It could have been finished off in a much better and neater way. Even the Ari admits that the cake ended up as a disaster because he didn’t really know the exact depth of the light unit. But hey Ari that’s a good job done, better luck next time though!

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