Edible Business Cards

Have you ever wondered what businesses could possibly do next to make their customers closer to their companies? Well how about having their customers eat their company’s business cards?

Well now you can do just that, because recently the Bombay Bakery made edible business cards.  The pictures of these business cards definitely show how unique they are.  Even though this idea has been around for a while with cards ranging from nuts to meat, these are probably some of the only ones worth eating.  These business cards are actually made from cookies and you can also get them in different flavors!

I am sure that everyone knows about the original edible business cards which were made from Beef Jerky, and those are pretty much famous by now (if I happened to spark your attention, then you can check the awesome Meat Business Cards for yourself).  Though, in my honest opinion, this idea is much more productive because personally, I do not think I would eat Beef Jerky business cards.  Unfortunately though, for all of us in the States we probably will have a hard time getting them because the Bombay Bakery is in Pakistan.

It is also nice to see how much effort they have put into these that people do not just throw them out there. I mean, they even have decorative ridges around the card.  And even though you might think that there isn’t really anything unique about these, just think about it (would you really want to eat a business card made out of meat? )  So, if you happen to be going overseas or you’re already there, then you simply have to check these business cards out because it would definitely be another unique experience you shouldn’t miss.

Even though I am sure that some of you may think that this is not that amazing, it is really worth it – even just to get the souvenir. Since it is just as much a souvenir as it is an advertisement, or perhaps a little tasty treat.

If these yummy business cards happen to be not that appealing to you, you can always check out other Business Card ideas here such as the Lego Business Cards and Facebook Business Cards.

Via: Designyoutrust