Show Time in Colors: Spectrum

I am sure all of you can guess that this is a watch (not a normal one though), and yes it is a Tokyoflash Watch concept, but who can tell me the time on it? No one can except the designer, who by the way is David Brophy from the UK. Looking at the watch we all can agree that he created a very unique concept of knowing the time from your watch. Plus don’t forget, it also looks stylish, and certainly not the usual silver and black, as the dial has all the seven colors of the rainbow forming a spectrum. That is why the watch itself is called spectrum.

full view

Okay, moving on we now solve the problem of knowing the time on this special watch. If you look at the picture of the watch, its dial contains many small rectangles; the ones we are interested in are those which are colored. Now, the colored rectangles can be any of the seven colors excluding black; the total number of colored rectangles are 32. The division according to colors is 2 red, 4 orange, 6 yellow, 8 green, 6 blue, 4 indigo, and 2 violet. Now for time division the red, orange, and yellow colors represent hours, where each rectangle of any of these colors represent 1 hour. The rectangles colored green each represent 4 minutes; where as blue-colored rectangles represent 3 minutes per rectangle, the indigo rectangles are 2 minutes per rectangle, and the violet rectangles represent 1 minute each.

All rectangles colored
Now, that we are aware of that, let’s try to read the time. If you look at the pictures you will see that the watch is showing the time 6:43. Okay, first let us figure out the hours, now I have already told you that the rectangles filled with red, orange, and yellow stand for hours. You can see in the picture that there is 1 red rectangle, and 5 yellow rectangles. So, in total we have 6 colored rectangles that represent hours. This is in accordance with the time I told you (6:43). Now, we have to deal with the minutes. If you look at picture carefully you will see that there are 5 green rectangles, 6 blue rectangles, 2 indigo rectangles, and 1 violet rectangle.

rectangles showing time

First we will get the total minutes individually. Each green rectangle represents 4 minutes, so 5 green rectangles will be 4×5=20 minutes; each blue rectangle is 3 minutes so 6 are 3×6=18 minutes; an indigo rectangle is equal to 2 minutes, so 2 will be 2×2=4; there is only 1 violet rectangle, so that stands for 1 minute. Now to add up. 20+18+4+1= 43 minutes. This is exactly the same as I’ve told you before. Reading the time on this watch will be time consuming but it’s a good enough item to just wear on your wrist, based on it style and design.

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