Immersed Senses Is Scuba Diver’s Delight

Scuba diving will not only be fun but much safer as well, because new technologies and new inventions are incessantly introduced everyday to ensure total safety and convenience of scuba divers while underwater. One noteworthy invention that deserves to be named in this context, and that has recently been brought into notice is the “Immersed Senses”, a device that will make hearing, seeing, and breathing underwater much easier and more comfortable from now on.

Immersed Senses

Before moving on and know all about this device in detail, the most important thing that one should know first is about the designer of this device, Adam Wendel, whose creativity and great efforts are being praised all over today. Wendel has first scrutinized and examined every aspect of underwater diving and then thought about all possible designs. The most important thing when going underwater for a scuba diver is for him to see the objects and living beings found in the way. So, keeping that in mind, he has used an LED flashlight in the mask which will make it very easy for the diver to see through the dark areas, along with an OLED glass display which shows a panoramic view of the things around.

Next to that, one needs to breathe comfortably while on a deep-sea exploration, and hence, he has designed it in a way to make oxygen move freely within the helmet. This relieves the diver from wearing a breathing apparatus which allows the diver to feel as if being in an oxygen-accessed place. What more is that, this device comes with an underwater navigation system as well, and for that it is equipped with GPS maps that appear in the OLED display.

Immersed Senses 1

Furthermore, even if the diver is not good in identifying fish and deep-sea creatures, still he will not have to worry much as the “Immersed Senses” has an amazing software in it. This software enables the person wearing it to recognize the species of the fish and corals, and other sea creatures. Moreover, this device keeps the scuba diver informed about the level of nitrogen and oxygen toxicity around him. This will work well in ensuring the safety of the person wearing it as he will always be reminded of his surroundings.

Immersed Senses Helmet

So, with the “Immersed Senses” the scuba diver will feel more secured, confident, and comfortable while going under and into the deep sea. Well, it will surely encourage most of the interested but nervous people who have always had scuba diving in their minds but could not make it.

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Via: Thedesignblog