19 Awesome Speaker Designs

Music is one of the many reasons that get us going in our day to day life. For many, music is a way of life and a medium to help them get refreshed and unwind. Some like it loud whereas some prefer soft and soothing. No matter what kind of music one likes, there is one thing that everyone needs to listen to their favorite tunes – speakers.

Speakers, small or big, with or without woofer, portable or non-portable, are a prime requisite for running any music system. Moreover, people prefer speakers which suit their tastes and requirements. This time, we are bringing you some of the finest looking speakers which will not only provide you with the much needed musical elixir but will also supply aesthetic appeal to your eyes. Choose an attractive speaker from the wacky list of speakers mentioned below that provide genuine audibility to your ears, along with comforting images for your eyes.

Plug & Play – Wireless Speakers

This is one of the futuristic speaker systems for all the modern geeks. The Plug & Play – Wireless Speakers system, designed by Per Brickstad, is unique and delivers high quality sound. Moreover, it can blend with almost any interior because of its transparent body. This speaker works on Bluetooth transmission and has a transparent LCD display in glass to provide information about the tracks being played.

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Solar Powered Portable Speakers

For all you geeks who wish to have a sleek portable speaker for their laptops, iPods, and other multimedia gadgets, here’s the “Solar Powered Portable Speakers” concept created by designer Pekka Salokannel. The speakers are so sleek and portable that you can attach them to any system. They have inbuilt rechargeable battery which can even be charged by solar energy. However, the best thing is you can easily fold the speakers and carry them anywhere you want.

Doggie Gadgets: Bow Wow Speakers

Dog lovers get ready as this one is for you – the Bow Wow Speakers, which are shaped like puppy dogs. These designer Bow Wow Speakers come with hand-stitched faux leather in white and black colors. Bow Wow speakers can be connected to your MP3 players, laptops, your gaming PC’s, mobile phones, etc. These speakers can surely get you those admiring glances from your guests and visitors.

Cool Speakers

Want some cool and cute looking gadget on your desk? Here’s a speaker that does not only resemble Teddy Bear but is also equally cute and adorable. I bet all the kids, and of course the girls will love this one.

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Wacky Accordion Speakers

As the name “Wacky Accordion Speakers” suggests, these speakers are in the shape of accordion and so flexible that you can curl them in almost any shape you desire. With the help of two suction caps at the back of the speakers, you can attach them to any surface like mirror, wall, or even your ceiling. So next time you have a party at your place, surprise your friends and let them wonder where the music is streaming in.

Egg Speakers

There are many egg shaped speakers in the market, but if you like poached eggs, here is a similar looking open poached egg speaker for you. The speakers’ cool look, color, and shape are perfect for the Mac geeks.

Spread Your Voice Speakers

Bored of same old computer speakers?  Then try the one from the designer Sherwood Forlee, who has created an exquisite and unique, one of a kind design speaker. These “Spread Your Voice Speakers” are  a great attraction for geeky generation and encourage us to stand and speak up our mind.

Ceramic Speakers for Aesthetic Musical Experience

Are you tired of old bulky speakers which are difficult to move around? Then “The Ceramic Speakers” are the solution for you. These one-of-a-kind Joey Roth’s Ceramic Speakers, are lightweight, portable, and trendy. They are compatible with iPod, music player, laptops, desktop computers, etc.

JVC Sound Garden Speaker

For all you eco-friendly people, here is something for you. JVC has come up with a unique “Sound Garden Speakers Concept” which is closer to Mother Nature. These speakers have little spaces to hold samplings and are made of eco-plastic.

Speakers Design Looks Like flies

You don’t like flies sitting on your beautiful painted wall and spoil the décor of the house? But I bet you will never want these flies to go away from your walls. That’s right; these Flies like Speakers, designed by Mark Murray, will look wonderful on your wall and enhance the décor of the house.

The Headless Dog Speakers

The Headless Dog Speakers”, as the name suggests, these speakers are shaped like a dog’s body minus the head. These “Headless Dog Speakers” sit regally on either side of your couch just like any pet dog sitting next to your couch, and blast music in a strange way. These headless dog speakers can be a unique piece of attraction in your living room.

Bookshelf Speakers

These Bookshelf Speakers combined with Soundshelf, is definitely one of the most practical and unique concepts. These Bookshelf cum Soundshelf speakers replace your old boring bookshelf with an attractive looking one which can also play your favorite music.

Gradient Helsinki 1.5 Speaker

Helsinki 1.5 Speaker is an aesthetic designed speaker from Gradient Ltd. These artistic speakers with classic looks are extremely powerful. The Helsinki 1.5 is a three-way speaker built from environment friendly material. The Helsinki 1.5 Speaker is definitely one of the classic looking pieces for your living room.

Red Hot Speakers

Red Hot Speakers”, are made up of empty Fire Extinguishers. These speakers are functional and beautiful. Real fire extinguishers are emptied, drilled, and modified to make Red Hot Speakers. Isn’t it hot?

The First Solar Active Speakers

You don’t have to move around to purchase batteries to run your portable music speakers anymore. All you need to do is to put the solar speakers out in the sunlight for a quite sun bath. This Landport promoted First Solar Active Speakers for iPod and MP3 players are truly a revolutionary product for the music industry. Moreover, in case you failed to charge the speakers with sunlight, just use the USB port to run the handy speakers.

Turtle Musical Speakers

Tiger Electronics have come up with cute, cool looking speakers, “The Turtle Musical Speaker”. You must be wondering what’s so different about it. Well then let me tell you that unlike a normal speaker, which just rests on your desk and streams out music, the turtle speaker will dance with you on your favorite tune and convey his mood by means of blinking light patterns on his shell.

Pig Speakers for Bacon Lovers

Animal shaped speakers are in great demand and the latest trend in speaker design is the “Pig Speakers” which resembles a pig. These pig speakers are cute, adorable, and would entertain any pig or bacon lover.

Hidden Speakers in Teddy Bear

Almost every girl loves soft toys, especially teddy bears. All the teddy bear lovers can now be happy with the Hirokawa Japan creation “Teddy Bear Speakers”. This teddy bear hides a pair of speakers in its feet. One of the ears has the on/off switch and in its paws is the volume control.

B3 Mini Array Computer Speakers

Looking at these marvel and unique speakers, you must be wondering about the efforts that must have gone in making these speakers? But what if I say it’s a homemade speaker? Surprised right? Yes, it’s true; this wonderful looking “B3 Mini Array Speakers” are homemade speakers, originally made by Sniper415. This B3 Mini Array Speakers are beautifully designed and provide loud and clear sound. A complete treat for your eyes and ears indeed!