Star Wars Characters Model Illustrations

This is another piece for you fans of the Star Wars movies. An illustrator on flickr by the username sean8181 designed some model illustrations for several of the popular Star Wars characters, and the designs are actually pretty cute. It would have been cooler if the artist had done more designs, but regardless, this is pretty cool.


One of the pieces for this design set is C3P0. Of course, it doesn’t look like all the component parts of a robot, but it does include a cartoon face of Anthony Daniels who was the actor for C3P0 in the original trilogy. The design for the illustrations is cartoon-ish in nature, but it is still something a collector would find worth collecting. The fact that Anthony Daniels’ face is part of the C3P0 set is kind of a tribute to the real fans of the series.

Among the rest of the series by Sean8181, we also have R2D2, everyone’s favorite little “Swiss Army Knife” Droid. For R2, the illustration shows Kenny Baker, the actor that plays the part of R2, and a speech bubble, which basically says, “BBBBB…BBBB” (Interpret that as you will). You can see all the fixtures and parts that make up the R2D2 model, and you can see some of the features which gave him the nickname “Swiss Army Knife.”


Each illustration sets the character as model figurines reminiscent of the build and pose collectibles that you can’t really play around with, but that you could keep on a showcase (like Gundams). It would be really cool if they were made into actual models instead of just being illustrations, but regardless, it is pretty cool to see ideas like this coming out of the internet.

The artist also came up with designs for Darth Vader, with the corrupted face of Anakin, and a stormtrooper, both faithful to the series.


Vader’s design comes with the face of the corrupted Anakin, that you can hide under the mask, and the famous line he says to Luke during their first fight in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, albeit a misquoting of the line. He comes with an off color lightsaber too.


The stormtrooper is just a regular cartoon stormtrooper with a big head, like the other characters. He’s got the blaster rifle and the armour, as well as undergarments.

The designs on the whole are really good, and it would be interesting to see them manifested in actual model form.

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