Star Wars Lamp Clock and MP3 Dock

I guess there is no need for me to say that the Star Wars fans sure are thrilled about these products. “Come to the dark side! We have cookies.” This is one cute little Star Wars lamp that sports either Darth Vader or a Stormtrooper, and doubles up as an alarm clock to help you get out of bed and realize that in a million years you will never be able to manipulate it with your mind. Apart from that, you can plug it up to a compatible MP3 player to turn it into a speaker – now how’s that for functionality?

It combines the best of everything! The 12-inch tall Stormtrooper/Darth Vader Lamp Clock features the characters in an extra-large, urban-style, Nodnik body type with an LED digital clock on the chest. And this alarm clock / lamp combination also serves as a fully functioning speaker output for your MP3 player. Simply plug your player in to the Star Wars Lamp Clock to hear your music play!
It sure would have been way cooler if Vader had a lightsaber that pops out when you connect your MP3 player, the alarm goes off, or when it tells you the time (or roasts your bread). Nonetheless, this lamp could make you more productive and obedient if the imperial song gets up in the morning, “I sense the force is strong with you. Find it to get up and shine.”

clock and box

These fabulous 12 inches tall lamps make an excellent addition to any fan’s home. Though it is a bit strange that they manage to somehow make these Star Wars villains look cute, there is something truly appealing about the shape that makes these lamps work.

If you like Star Wars then you might also be interested in any of these character lamps that would perk up a dorm room or home office to say nothing of a kid’s room. At $49.99 per lamp, a collection may be out of the question, but darn if the idea isn’t appealing.

Now you’ll immediately notice that there aren’t any good guys on the list, just Vader, Boba Fett, and your generic Stormtrooper guy. The reason for this is that people who wear helmets seem to fit the design best, and the Rebel Alliance has giant goofy helmets that would look silly on a lamp anyway. That’s just my theory.

Black colored
The design of the lamps is shockingly cute, and each brings their own distinct flavor. I’ve seen similar character designs around Walyou, which took seemingly hard and edgy characters and converted them into cuteness.