Take One Camaro, Recycle, and You Get a Life-size Bumblebee Transformer

Ok, so maybe, JUST maybe, the second Transformers movie jumped the shark, but that doesn’t mean some of the characters from the movies aren’t that badass looking. Take this real-life version of Bumblebee, for example. Made from a recycled Camaro, Bumblebee here looks a whole lot like the real thing. Maybe not quite as tall as he was in the movies, mind you. Then again that would probably take a whole lot more than one Camaro. I’d say at least ten, but that’s a very rough estimate on my part.

Created by Robosteel, which you probably recognize from other statues like this Optimus Prime recreation from recycled metal pieces (ladies not included), this Bumblebee stands over 2.2 meters tall and helps round out the Autobots forces. Just about all the pieces came from the recycled Camaro, the creators came up with the idea from the MPH Top Gear show in 2009. After seeing the yellow Camaro there, they started to plan out the construction, ultimately resulting in this amazingly vivid Bumblebee statue. I tried to pick out the actual Camaro parts and where they would belong if he transformed back into the actual car, but alas, I don’t exactly have an intimate knowledge of the insides of a Camaro. Do you know anyone who is one of those crazy “car enthusiasts?” I certainly don’t, but if you track one down, let me know.

There’s other fun Transformers stuff here on Walyou, too. As you might expect, everyone loves to recreate Optimus Prime, and we have seen all sorts of different variations. There’s a rather popular post about a Steampunk Optimus Prime, for example. Old Optimus has even been turned into more artsy fartsy stuff, like this Transformers Stained Glass piece. I’m not sure who got the bright idea to turn Transformers into stained glasswork, but I wholeheartedly approve!

Via: Auto Motto Via: RoboSteel