Diaspora: The Anti-Facebook Project to Be Launched on the 15th September

Facebook is the most popular social networking site on the internet today. What started as a college project by a couple of Harvard students, is now a multibillion-dollar internet giant. Here, in the United States, Facebook surpasses even Google in terms of daily visitors.

One of the reasons why Facebook has been able to capture the imagination of the internet generation is because of its security settings. If a particular user wishes to view the profile of another user, the latter needs to confirm the former as a friend. The photo sharing social networking site was probably the first to employ this feature.

Facebook is at the peak of its popularity, but there have been various concerns raised over its esteemed security features by netizens in recent times. A major concern has been related to the photos that a user uploads and how easily it can be hacked by an unknown user. The second concern has been the leaking of user information by Facebook to marketers.

If you are fed up with the lack of privacy the premier social networking site provides, then it is probably time to shift your account to another networking site that is being touted as the new Facebook.

Diaspora is the name of the ‘anti-Facebook’ project, and is an initiative by one mathematician, Maxwell Salzberg, and three computer science students, Daniel Grippi, Raphael Sofaer, and llya Zhitomirskiy, who are all from New York University. The new social networking site is garnering a lot of buzz in the internet and beyond as it promises to be the first Open Source networking platform where users have total control over their accounts. This directly translates into complete security over your information and precious photos.

The million-dollar question (literally) to be asked is whether we need another social networking site when there already exists alternatives to Facebook such as MySpace, Friendster, and the likes. The answer is that there is a need for networking platform that provides the full circle of social connectivity that Facebook offers but is missing in the above-mentioned alternatives.

If you are wondering whether Diaspora should be viewed as a serious contender to Facebook, consider the following fact: in their fund raising initiative, Diaspora managed to raise $200,642 that includes a healthy donation from none other than Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.

The ‘new Facebook’ is set to go live on the 15th of September this year. A date you would probably want to mark on your calendar.

However, those who are a regular on Facebook, can check out Enough with Applications on Facebook and Facebook Privacy Settings.

5 thoughts on “Diaspora: The Anti-Facebook Project to Be Launched on the 15th September

  1. Viewcaster.

    The diaspora project is somewhat interesting, but there are already some very powerful social networking sites based on open-source platforms. Viewcaster.net is an example of a site that has all of the communication tools of sites like Facebook but with much smarter and simpler privacy controls.

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  3. Michelle.

    okay just so everyone knows.. diaspora does NOT go live on the 15 (yesterday). Yesterday they released their source code which contains many flaws. They are working on those flaws and encourage hackers to also take a look at it and give them feedback, but if you are not good at hacking and all that stuff then dont bother.. in october there will be an alpha version ready for the public. that will be the real test run.. who knows how long it will take to actually ‘go live’ on the full version of diaspora..

  4. jesse.

    Common sense would tell us that a true anti-facebook project would be a return to true face to face social networking. Something which has proven itself for centuries. Social networking online is one of the most anti-social ideas in history. Technology such as this only serves to push us farther and farther apart. This is the true definition of injustice. The time will come when this idea becomes the norm again, but until then these NYU nerds and the like will make millions.

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