Superhero and Villain Optical Illusion Posters Fool The Eyes

I never did wonder why no one had ever done an optical illusion poster utilizing comic book characters instead of, say, and old lady or some droll. Now that I see these “Hero and Villain” series of poster prints by Simon C. Page though, I’m sure glad that someone thought of it!

As you can see, these prints are rocking; mixing in some of our favorite heroes like Batman and turning them into some eyepopping art goodness. It sure beats the old “candlestick or two people kidding” stuff, and if you’re interested you can order one directly from Page’s blog. If you’re having trouble telling up from down and left from right, here’s an upside down photo for you. Now get to squinting. Do you see the Penguin hiding in there? Don’t feel bad, it took me a long time to find him, but there he is. Waiting for you……creepy.

Of course if you’re into superhero swag, it’s hard to run short of the stuff. Just taking a quick perusal around Walyou, you can find yourself a genuine Batman Cowl or a Batmobile Replica. All fun stuff.

Via: Comics Alliance