Technology Nokia Thriller Headphones Look Horrific And Cute

Nokia Thriller Headphones Look Horrific And Cute

A headphone is an integral part of a music buff’s collection and once you check out these Thriller Headphones built by ATOM Creative Solutions, you would stand agape and speechless.


Johnny Lighthands is accredited for the design of these headphones that are said to be an inspiration of the very popular Michael Jackson music video Thriller that comes from Jackson’s album with the same name. This music video has often been voted as one of the most influential music videos of all times. Whoever has checked out this video will be able to associate its scenes with this headphone.

Lighthands displayed his unique headphone design, which works completely on the Bluetooth technology, at the Gizmodo Gallery in New York, in September 2009. The journey of Lighthands starts a few years back. On November 2008, Lighthands entered the Nokia Headset Design. He won the contest handsomely, beating some 7,500 entries. The award was a chance to convert his headset design in to a fully functional Bluetooth headset.

really r.i.p.

These headsets will be made available in Nokia stores all over the world. In January 2009, he was invited to meet up with the production team, from Wieden and ATOM, who were engaged in creating the Thriller Headphones. During their brainstorming session, it was decided that the headphones would be made from wax, and would be cast to make a plastic version. This new version would then be hand-painted.


Now, the Thriller Headphone has several components in it. The portion of the headphone, which goes over your head, has the image of a gravestone, with a hand appearing from the soil. The part which has the audio output is connected with the gravestone design by two zombies oozing out of their own gravestones! If you need to adjust the size of the headset, all you have to do is pull the zombies further out of their grave. The headphones will rotate if you twist the zombies’ waist. Yes, it does sound creepy, but weren’t the classic works like Dracula and The Exorcist scary as well?

thriller drawing

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