Closed: Win a Tokyoflash Traffic Watch [Walyou Giveaway]

Tokyoflash just recently the new Traffic Watch and as with all their watches, the looks are amazing, the hype is real and they delivered once again…an extraordinary new design. Even better, they are giving away a Kisai Traffic Watch to one lucky Walyou reader (Worldwide).

Update: This contest is now closed!!! Any additional comments will NOT be included in the drawing.

This new Tokyoflash Giveaway is open to ALL Worldwide Readers and it is easy to enter (details below).

tokyoflash traffic watch giveaway 1

Tokyoflash Traffic Watch

Navigating Traffic will become your forte once you’ve mastered the rules of the road. Take a look at the maps below and trust your instincts. Hours 1-12 are the city streets in blue, 5 minute intervals are shown along the subway line in orange and single minutes 1-4 are the highway out of town in green. After touching the button, lights showing the current time will flash for a seven seconds to direct you.

tokyoflash traffic watch giveaway 2

How To Enter for Your Chance to Win the New Traffic Watch:

The new Tokyoflash Giveaway is open to all Worldwide Walyou readers and is free to enter. To enter the Giveaway, please follow both easy steps below:

1. Comment on this post on how much you want the Tokyoflash Traffic Watch


2. Do ONE of the following

Follow Us on Twitter and Tweet this Giveaway

Become a Walyou Facebook Fan and Share on Facebook

If you done both, then you are a Tokyoflash Rockstar! ๐Ÿ™‚

Note: Giveaway requirements stated above must be met to qualify.

Giveaway Rules:

1. This Contest ends on September 23rd, 2010 at 12PM EST.
2. Contest is open to Walyou Readers Worldwide.
3. Winner will be chosen in Random from comments below and will be emailed by September 25th, 2010 (fulfilling requirements aboveย will be checked) .
4. Winners have 48 hours to respond to email notification about the prize, or a new winner will be randomly selected.
5. Please use valid email only, so we can contact you about the prize.
6. ONE entry per person, per email address, per IP Address; Any additional entries using same details will be disqualified.
7. If you like what you see, then you can always Become a Walyou Facebook fan or follow Walyou on Twitter.

69 thoughts on “Closed: Win a Tokyoflash Traffic Watch [Walyou Giveaway]

  1. anna lene.

    OOPS, I typed in my email address incorrectly in the last comment, please delete that entry.

    Love the futuristic look of this watch! I also shared the giveaway with my 600+ facebook friends (name: anna lene)

  2. Marco.

    Man I love this watch, and I love to watch this watch, and I want this watch so other people can watch my watch and want to a watch of their own like my watch.

    No more will I be laughed at when I say I cant tell the time. if I have this watch I can show it to them and they will understand.

    What the time? I dont know. cos I have a Tokyoflash Traffic Watch.

  3. JMM.

    I saw something on Digg which lead me to your site – and I love it. Already ‘Liked” you on FB. A link here took me me to the watches. ! Wow! I sent that out via FB also. The designs are incredible. I don’t think I will win, but I had to try. I would be so honored to own one of these incredible art pieces.

  4. Shawnna.

    I love Tokyoflash watches but can never afford them. This would be fantastic to have! Probably their most fun design yet imo

  5. Burak.

    Well I need this watch because all of the public clocks are stopped working on our school ๐Ÿ˜€ My school is like oldest school in the world LOL ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Mark.

    I need this watch to help me pick up the ladieeeeeez. Or something.

    But seriously, gimmegimmegimmeee pleeease? Com’on, I said the magic word and let you capture my lead and everything!

  7. Roberto Miller.

    Holly cow!!!! I need this traffic watch because since some mot(&%ยท/&%ers stole my classic casio with calculator 3 monts ago (also a palm was stoled), i got nothing to know the time!!!!, Iยดm a graphic designer and this watch itยดs just like me!!!, I WANT IT!!!!

  8. Mohammad Chams.

    I’ve never heard of Walyou or Tokyoflash until tonight, but I’m very interested in finding out more. It seems like you guys believe in beautiful craftsmanship and I would be proud to own one of these!

  9. nursalam cahyadi.

    I am very interested in these watches. I want to complete my collection of tokyoflash watches with this latest variant. I already have tokyoflash geomesh, infection, sinshoku, and barcodes.i want tokyoflash kisai trafic very much……..

  10. NASSER AL-Ostath.

    i have always being so picky and always put my money in the right place if i want to purchase anything … except tokyoflash watches ( just new about them last night) i just cant help it .. im waiting for my pay check to by a watch from them even if it was made from 100% TRASH

  11. Ferdinand A..

    Heavy traffic is part of our lives here in Manila and I want the Tokyoflash Traffic Watch to be part of my life too! It’s going to be a good conversation piece while inside a crowded “jeepney”.

    By the way, @ferdinand_dti (that’s me) is following you on tweeter.

  12. Kelvin Lee.

    Wow, this tops my Nooka watch that i thought was unique. I think i should win this watch because it would be the ultimate piece for my unique watch collection. i love watches with unconventional ways of reading time – pieces that make conversation. this is definitely the perfect watch!

  13. Mikey.

    can I please, please, please have this watch?

    I would cause massive jealousy in my workplace, in an oil mining company (lots of staff with lots of disposable income…) and in return I promise to leave as many flyers as you want around work and in the city which I live in Australia for both Walyou AND for Tokyo Flash!

    C’mon – free advertising to new, potential punters! What more would you want? ๐Ÿ™‚

    It’ll definately make one of my friends jealous – and she works for Google Australia as a project manager. More free advertising, this time with geeks!

  14. Surge.

    I’d LOVE to have this watch!! So that everyone would just stare and try to figure out how to read time on it and have them be envious of it!!! It makes all other watches seem old!!!

  15. michael.

    WOW! i wanted to get a tokyoflash watch ages ago when they first came out! this traffic watch is sooooo cool! not long till xmas!

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  17. Natalie Z.

    I want that watch so bad that if Machete decided to bear knuckle box, WITH a taco in hand because he’s so righteous, and I was his victim because no matter how cool he is that watch is dope, I would take him on knowing full well I would die because I need to defend the honour of my new and special watch. And I’m a girl.

  18. Ozgur.

    How badly I want this extraordinary watch? No words can describe it!!!
    I love the retro style with the engineering magic. I wish I was the one who gets it and show it to every fashion people in my country as I will be only one who has it ๐Ÿ™‚

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  20. David.

    I am driving in a road. The sun has almost reached the peak. Today is not Sunday. Am I late to work?

    I am in my car. The light just turned red. I am stuck in the road with other cars. I remember the carpool was available today. Am I late to work?

    I am seated on the driver side. I flipped my phone. The clock shows irrelevant time. My son played with it yesterday. I am starting to worry. Sweats starting to drop to my neck. Am I late to work?

    I am restless. The sun is already high in the sky. The light is turning yellow as the sun. The car next to me is starting its engine. I try to see my watch. I don’t have a watch! Am I late to work?

    I see the streets around me. I remember Tokyoflash’s great watches. I hope I have one right now. I wish to have the great Tokyoflash’s Traffic Watch. I really am. Am I late to work?

  21. Louise.

    The traffic watch is just purely.. AMAZING! I love all the quirky designs tokyoflash come up with! Someone there has got a top imagination! ๐Ÿ˜€

    So of course i would love to own this watch! i mean.. who wouldnt! even if its just to see the confusion on your friends faces! lol

  22. grajasekar.

    I want a Tokyoflash Traffic Watch so bad that I’d sit in traffic all day imagining the current crap I wear on my wrist to be one of these sweet pieces.

  23. zeynep cetinel.

    I cant find this watch anywhere in my country.If my neighbour have it i would trick her,take the watch,go another country,change my name and live happily ever after.I REALLY want that watch!!!!


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