Space Helmet straight from the Victorian Age!

A blast from the past has made its way into the present. A recent discovery of Herr Doktor’s Vacuum survival system, also called a Space Helmet, straight from the Victorian age has been made public.

Supposedly meant for space travel or travel in the ethereal void between the Spheres, this equipment was made by the futuristic thinkers of the Victorian era (circa 1837-1901). The pictures do give the feel of a machine or device which is fully functional and not just a gimmick. This rugged, yet stylish, construction consists of  a blown glass pressure bell and a cast-iron body with  brass and copper fixings. The externally mounted lamp with a bright light gives it an unique yet old era appeal.

However old-fashioned this space helmet may seem, it was indeed made with utmost care to ensure the wearer was well taken care of 0n his adventures. The machine is made in such a way that the chest mounted control box, featuring illuminated temperature and internal and external pressure gauges, may be read by anyone accompanying the person in the helmet. Thus, they can know if the occupant is in any discomfort.

There are even small illuminated dials and valves that control the mixture of Oxygen and Nitrogen for the comfort of the pilot. The picture clearly shows that the external gauges are replicated internally, so that person with the helmet on may also keep an eye upon the various readings upon which their continued comfort relies.

Findings such as this helmet throws light on the kind of futuristic machines which were invented given the materials and knowledge available at that time. It also gives us all a glimpse of how far we have come in the last hundred or so years. Yes, the picture below which shows a man wearing it and posing in a Mars like environment in the background does look a little phony, but, the ingenious of it bears noting!

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Via: Brass Goggles