Minimalist Star Wars Trilogy Posters

Sometimes I ask myself: Do we really need more Star Wars Posters floating around out there? I mean there are literally hundreds of thousands of different Star Wars poster iterations, but taking a look at these Star Wars posters by Andy Helms, I know deep in my heart that in fact no – there can never be enough Star Wars stuff. Especially when it is as awesome as these original works. Sure they look pretty simplistic, but that’s half the charm, and knowing is half… the charm… uh… battle!

Shedding the bitter taste left in the mouths of fans with the new movies, Andy wisely stuck to the original three. The posters are certainly simplistic, featuring the many ships of the Empire and the Millennium Falcon in the Empire Strikes Back poster. The Return of the Jedi poster features the Rebel Alliance ships charging into the newly reconstructed Death Star, and a New Hope shows the Princess’s ship being chased by an Empire Star Destroyer. Very cool, I must say so, and they’re available over at his Etsy shop. You will pay a premium for the privilege, though these Prints run about $40. Considering they’re original works, mind you, that price tag doesn’t seem all that surprising. If I handmade my own Star Wars Art, that sounds just right for what I’d charge. Then again mine would look more like stick figures compared to these masterpieces, so don’t expect my Etsy shop to open at any time in the near future.

If you’re looking for some other Star Wars decorations to go along with your prints, I might have a few suggestions. You can rock out to the trilogy’s theme song with these Star Wars headphones, for example. Or, if you want to put your hands to work, here are some Star Wars Character Model Illustrations.

Via: GeekIz