The Avengers Papercraft Life-Sized Costumes

Here’s a really cool idea; what if you could cosplay completely using completely recyclable products? Better still, make that cardboard boxes. Not very many people would be imaginative enough to create what the guys behind Nikejerk3 on Flickr have done for Dragoncon 2010. Namely, making full body, complete colour renderings of some of the famous characters from the Avengers team of superheroes. For these cardboard heroes, it’s time to assemble!


The set includes a good number of the Avengers, most notably Captain America and Wolverine. One of the major things that make this kind of unique in relation to a lot of the cardboard box costumes is that there are features that literally stick out. Captain America, for example, obviously carries a shield, but the wings on his helmet are actually popped up above to give a kind of presence that doesn’t appear in normal box costumes.


Dr. Doom is also more than just a flat cardboard box costume. You can tell right off the bat that he carries a gun holster. This set caught my attention mostly because beyond the professional and artistic designs, and the unique way in which some of the features actually stand out, is just that they were creative enough to pull it off.


It’s easy to appreciate the creative aspects of the costume, but you’ve also got to notice the detail that they put into this kind of project. A costume like this would require a lot of effort to measure out the people wearing it, custom tailoring the cardboard, and making it both movable and breathable so that they don’t pass out or get hurt trying to get out of the car on the way there.


Of course, some of the designs are bound to look weird, but that’s what you get when designing a costume from cardboard. Some of the notable costumes, which just look so strange, are Beast and Loki. Beast is odd because of course the body proportions for Beast were never easy to achieve regardless of material, and Loki is strange just because the face looks like he’s having a constipation.


Other notable characters included in this set are Hawkeye, Ms. Marvel, and Iron Man.


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