A Remote Control Hailfire Droid For the Star Wars Fans

Star Wars first appeared on the scene way back in 1977. Decades have gone by and its popularity still remains the same.

Time and again we come across accessories, toys, and games designed around the characters, weapons, and vehicles of the film. Joining the club is the Hailfire Droid from Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

The IG-227 Hailfire-class droid tank, popularly known as Hailfire Droid, is a ‘self-aware mobile missile’ which carries the capability of destroying enemy vehicles as well as an entire platoon of soldiers. Hailfire was a contribution made by the InterGalactic Banking Clan. It soon became an effective weapon against the clone troopers and was also an efficient land to sky weapon. The droid has two large wheels on either side of the central control area. The hoops like wheels enable it to run at an amazing speed on all kinds of terrains.

The remote controlled Hailfire Droid is an actual moving figure and is loaded with ‘ammunition’ as well. Similar to the one in the movie, this droid is also equipped with the hoops like wheels. This mobile figure is controlled by a radio controller. It not only moves straight but can also perform great flips and stunts that will leave you spell bound. The remote control is also well equipped to shoot the 12 canons loaded on it. It also contains an action figure of a clone trooper. This remote controlled droid is a 3 ¾ inch weapon on wheels.

The utility wheels of the droid take it everywhere, and with you at the controls you can decide its actions and route. Might be a menace for others at times but is a definite means of entertainment for you at all times.

Star Wars has stood the test of time. It has been one of the highest grossing films after James Bond and Harry Potter. The Clone Wars was the last to be released in the year 2008. The Clone Wars movie was the first in the Star Wars series to be released in animation form. Following the movie, a television series was launched which has run over a considerable period of time. Games and toys have been designed around it and the list goes on. The Hailfire Droid that appeared in the Clone Wars movie is also a part of a video game and a brick and knob configuration set.

The Star Wars series has become a worldwide pop culture and continues to impress each generation. The number of toys, games, and accessories that continue to appear on the scene is proof of its ever increasing fan following. To enjoy this game, you need to spend an amount of $65.99.

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