Accelerometer Water Watch Lets Liquid Tell Time

While I’d be more than happy to have a watch that simulates water graphics to tell time, I think it might be a little tough to tell the time when you’re on the move. The original author was clever enough to point out that if it utilized an oil and water combination, the lower level wouldn’t slosh too much, and the liquid above it would be for fun sloshing time when you’re out for a run (you do go out for those, right? Yeah don’t feel bad, I don’t either)

As with many other Tokyoflash watch concepts you’ve seen before, how you tell the time may not be immediately apparent. There are Roman numerals listed on the watch; with the water level indicating the hour and the minutes are listed on the sides as we can see (courtesy of the nice looking graphic below).

The practicality of the watch could easily be called into question, but the concept is solid. One caveat, I would definitely not bring this along to my next outing at the bar. I mean can you imagine trying to tell what time it is after you’ve had a few? (Or more than a few?). I think all the sloshing around would be prone to cause motion sickness. Still, assuming you’re not into the whole water watch concept, there’s plenty of other Tokyoflash gear to go around. Maybe thunder and lightning is your thing, if so I recommend this breaking glass watch concept. If you’re looking for something a little more creepy like, say, a watch that simulates an infection, they even have that! You can take look at the Tokyoflash “Infection” watch concept right here. Personally I like something a little less complicated, as I’m a man of simple means, ya know?