Hello Kitty Stiletto Phone: Pink, Pretty, Girly

If you’re a girl, whether five or twenty-five, anything related to Hello Kitty can’t help but ignite an “Awww” reaction from you. Keeping that in mind, the Hello Kitty Stiletto Phone is irresistible by those standards and since anyone female loves jabbering away on the phone for hours, this phone is a combination of a woman’s two great weaknesses: Shoes and Talking! What more can a girl ask for?Hello Kitty Stiletto Phone Pink, Pretty, Girly. The Hello Kitty Stiletto Phone is gorgeous, well-made and the best part about it, it comes in the most adorable color: Beautiful, baby pink! And this isn’t just some item that has one particular use as that of a showpiece instead of an actual practical usage. This beautiful tribute to everything that Hello Kitty stands for actually works as a telephone as it comes with a telephone cord and everything. The buttons for dialing numbers on the telephone are pink too and the sole of the shoe is white, while the heel has a dual white and pink finish. The stiletto itself is made of high quality plastic while some of its features include a switchable tone and pause feature, a redial function, a quick flash and a pause function and a soft small black keypad which is comfortable to use. Apart from the shoe, you also get a telephone cable and an instruction manual. This Hello Kitty Stiletto Phone is not only practical but makes a wonderful showpiece and is sure to brighten up any girl’s room! And for some more kiddie stuff is the Digital Camera and the Shark Backpack. via: Redferret