Motorola Tries To Bring a Keyboard to Your TV Experience

For whatever reason, I always thought of Motorola as a company that primarily sells cellphones. Not very good ones, but they were in the industry.What I did not know is that Motorola also manufactures a veritable ton of set-top boxes. They haven’t given up on innovating new accessories for your living room either, as we’ve seen with this QWERTY IPTV Remote. I know, it’s a whole lot of jumbled letters. Work with me here.

According to the press release, this “NYXboard” (again with the letters, sheesh) is designed to combine a traditional remote control with that of a full keyboard (cutting edge stuff, whew) to create a “more intuitive navigational experience for sophisticated interactive TV services as well as traditional linear TV.” If you prefer to leave out all of the mumbo jumbo in that sentence, let me dumb it down for people like you and me: “we tried to make a better remote.” Whether or not they will actually succeed in getting someone to buy it is another matter entirely. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find out what they expect to sell the remote for, but I don’t imagine it to be all that pricey.  It could use a better name, too; something that sounds big, like “Goliath.” Maybe this is why I don’t work for a marketing firm.

The keyboard’s purpose is to help you navigate content. Since apparently your laptop can’t handle Internet TV, your fancy new keyboard will help you with more complex (huh?) on-demand libraries or accessing web content… when the innumerable number of other Internet capable devices aren’t around. Ok, so color me skeptical, but there are others out there who have tried similar ideas. A futuristic Infinity Remote Control, for example, or the Universal Remote of the future.

Via: Crunch Gear