The Sandwich Lunchbox Looks Yummy and Attractive

Food that looks good is bound to taste good too. But what about the container that carries food? We all carry food with us when going out on a long trip. Children carry lunch to school. For the simple reason of comfort, one of the most common food items carried along is a sandwich. Next time you carry a sandwich with you make sure you do so in a Sandwich box.

Yes you are right, a Sandwich Lunchbox. This ‘appetizing’ lunchbox is shaped like a sandwich and displays all its stuffing on the exterior. Take care to protect it from people around you as this may be picked up for a real sandwich. The colors are true to life and the sandwich stuffing is very appealing. You can see layers of cheese, ham, tomatoes, lettuce and mayo stuffed between two slices of white bread. That makes some filling and lip smacking sandwich recipe. The inside can be anything of your choice – vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

How about cooking up a quick sandwich for the lunch box? Take two slices of whole wheat sandwich bread slices. Spread a layer of prepared mustard paste on one slice and top it off with a lettuce leaf. Layer the sandwich with a slice of ham. Spread some mayonnaise and place a prepared patty on it. It could be a vegetarian patty or a chicken one. Top it with a slice of cheese, some onion rings, and another lettuce leaf. Finally finish it with the second bread slice smeared with a little of cheese spread or butter. Wrap the sandwich in a paper napkin, and warm in a microwave oven. And your delicious sandwich is ready. You can have it instantly or carry it in your Sandwich Lunchbox.

The lunchbox is the perfect size for a standard sandwich. It measures 4.75″ x 5.25″ which means it can accommodate a decent sized sandwich which is made of richly layered stuffing. To ensure that your yummy sandwich stays safe in your box a secure latch has been provided. The black handle helps you to comfortably carry it along with ease.

Sandwiches are filling, appetizing, and above all, delicious. No matter what you stuff within those two slices of bread make sure that you pack the entire ensemble in the Sandwich Lunchbox and enjoy every bite of it at your leisure. After all, packed food is custom-made and a healthier choice over purchased food. One can own this sandwich box by spending $8.95.

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