The Skull MP3 Player is Creepy and Cool

The human skull is an amazing feat of biological engineering. Did you know that the human skull, at birth, is composed of no less than 404 separate bony elements?As a human body matures, the various bony elements fuse together to form solid bone structures, such as the frontal bone. The skull bone is one of the sturdiest elements found in nature and can withstand forces up to 1 ton in strength.

The design aesthetic of the human skull with its smooth cranium, hollow temples, and jagged jaw structure has been a symbol of danger, horror, and a rebel attitude. Of late, there has been a trend to use the skull design for tech-savvy gadgets such as DVD players, USB drives, and mobile phones. This ‘rebel’ trend has now been picked up by an MP3 player.

The ‘Human Skull MP3 player’ is a USB-based music player crafted in the exact dimensions of a human skull. The music player has a smooth cranium, hollow eyes and nose cavity, a square jaw shaped in a perpetual smile, and a perfect set of teeth. The entire skull is jet black in color with a glossy finish.

The design aspect of the anatomical music player is indeed attention-grabbing. The music player, however, has an impressive set of functional features as well. It has a built-in Lithium-ion battery, a high contrast LED indicator, a plug-and-play user interface, and a 3.5 mm audio jack that can be connected to a host of tech gadgets as a source component.  The MP3 player also has a slot where the user can insert a micro SD card and access it.

Portable music players are usually carried around by users in pouches or pockets. An integral aspect of any music player, therefore, is their size and weight. This is one area where the Skull MP3 Player scores a perfect ten. With a total weight of 44g, the Skull Music Player is one of the lightest MP3 players available. The size of the player is no more than the center of your palm.

The Human Skull MP3 Player is one of those cool gadgets that has the ability to surprise you. Hidden underneath the eye cavity is a feature that is hard to find in most portable music players – speakers.

You can check out the radical Skull USB MP3 Player at the USB Brando website. With a price tag of $18, the price of the player is ‘lightweight’ as well.

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Via: Geek Alerts