“My desk is 8-bit” Animation

This is a short one-minute animation made by Alex Varnanese. The concept of the video is pretty simple, and is pretty much spelled out in its title.

My Desk

It is basically a short game that is being played out on his desk. The game itself is about a helicopter that is flying through the city and shooting objects…similar to the amazing Pixel Video we seen before.

Level 1

The animation is made in stop-motion and is extremely well-done. The frames are moving quickly and within that one minute one can only imagine how many frames were used. Not only did he create the animation, but he also composed the music for it, which is, (and this doesn’t come as a surprise) chiptunes.

You win

The artist took the idea of the simple pixelated look of the old school games and used small cubes to recreate it on his desk. The images are very detailed considering they are made out of cubes, and he put a lot of detailing in the background. This is a feat on his behalf because the frames are moving so fast the human eye wouldn’t be able to pick up on the details. However, his efforts aren’t in vain because it does help in the overall look of the film.


The film has a perfect length because it doesn’t drone on, but it’s not too short that would leave the viewer wishing it was longer. A viewer doesn’t want to watch a helicopter shooting at objects for an extended period of time – it becomes dull. This is especially lucky for the artists, had it been a subject matter that required more film time, the work the artist would have to do would be immense.

Alex Varnese

Hats off to Alex, because this piece is definitely worth checking out and can be seen completely in the video.

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Via: Ruryon