Militarized Skateboard Takes Skating To a Newer Level!

This Militarized Skateboard is called the DTV Shredder, and it’s pretty cool. Sturdy, rough, and tough; and the perfect thing you would want on your next trip to the Amazon!

It has got two caterpillar tracks, can be operated remotely, can go up 40- degree slopes, and has a maximum speed of 30 mph. You don’t get that many skateboards or Segways with such qualities, do you?

This DTV Shredder is basically a mixture of a skateboard concept and a Segway Scooter – it stands somewhere in between. The area where the person would be standing is made like a skateboard, whereas the rest of the functions is more like a Segway; apart from the wheels that have been replaced by tracks. To me, it’s a real cool thing!

The DTV Shredder was created by Ben Gulak, and was presented in 2009’s Military Vehicles Conference in Detroit as the ‘first response modular platform for soldiers’. Whether the soldiers liked it or not, we don’t really know; but this thing is for sure, ultra cool! There’s nothing about it that makes it a bad ride. In fact, I would love to take it out on the streets as well, leave aside being in the forest or terrains!

The designer says that the DTV Shredder can move on any type of terrain. The low center of gravity makes this thing good for surveying or exploring, rescuing, and a plethora of other tasks. Although it is designed while keeping in mind the needs of soldiers, I think it would work great for the average crowd out there as well. Imagine, wouldn’t you want to have this Militarized Skateboard to go to college on? It would be cool to have it, at least for me. Moreover, paint some tattoos on it and some stickers, and it would look completely badass.

And, it’s not just a standard high-profile Segway PT! The Skateboard on top of it makes you look cooler when you ride it. You don’t have to stand as if you are waiting in a queue as you do on standard Segways. But on this one, you are actually in the completely skateboarding position, which I think is pretty cool!

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Good job Ben!

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Via: Gizmodo