Exploring New Heights Through The Internet Explorer 9

First, there was the internet and then came the Internet Explorer! Today, we are waiting for the launch of Internet Explorer 9 to give web browsing a whole new definition.

Internet Explorer 9 Preview

Microsoft is all set to launch its latest Internet Explorer version, Internet Explorer 9. The beta version of this new browser will be available very soon, and you can have a first-hand look at how it works, and find out for yourself why you can you switch to the Internet Explorer 9 in place of other regular web browsers.

According to Microsoft, the Internet Explorer 9 will have complete or almost complete support for all border-radius CSS 3 property and CSS 3 selectors. It will come embedded with ICC v2 or v4 color profiles. With its faster JavaScript and hardware accelerated rendering using Direct Write and Direct2D, Internet Explorer 9 will support HTML5 audio and video tags, as well as the Open Web Font Format. The system requirements for Internet Explorer 9 are Windows Vista Service Pack 2, with Platform Update and Internet Explorer 8, Windows 7. It will not support Windows XP.

Microsoft launched its internet web browser, Internet Explorer in 1995. Since then, the Internet Explorer has become the most popular browser worldwide. It has been the most used web browser since 1999 and attained a record peak of 95% usage share with Internet Explorer 5 and Internet Explorer 6, in 2002 and 2003 respectively. The current version is the Internet Explorer 8, used by all and sundry.

The development of Internet Explorer 9 began shortly after Internet Explorer 8 was launched. Microsoft had announced about Internet Explorer 9 in PDC 2009, and they spoke mainly on how the new version takes advantage of hardware acceleration in DirectX so that there is an improved performance of web applications, and at the same time, also to improve the quality of web typography.

The first Internet Explorer 9 Platform was launched at MIX 10, which had a new Jscript called Chakra, featured support for SVG and CSS3. The second Internet Explorer 9 Platform was launched on 5th May 2010, which had a faster performance on the WebKit SunSpider JavaScript benchmark compared to the Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview. The third Internet Explorer 9 Platform was launched on 23rd June 2010, which included the support for HTML 5 audio and video, WOFF, and canvas tags. The fourth Internet Explorer 9 Platform was launched on 4th August 2010 and had a faster Jscript engine compared to the third Internet Explorer 9 Platform.

You can have a look at the developer preview on Internet Explorer 9 and check out the cool features for yourself!

Although Internet Explorer is a killer, people have made a Voodoo Doll to Kill Internet Explorer; and yet we can expect the 9th version to be better.

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