17 Cool Mac Mods for Apple Geeks

There are many Computer Mods surfacing left and right, but for Apple fanboys, if it is not Mac made, then it simply doesn’t deserve the time of day. That is why we decided to collect 17 different Mac Mods that range from stylish looks to practical creativity and will most certainly provide inspiration for up and coming Apple geeks.

G4 Motorbike

g4 mac motorbike mod design 1

The greatest thing about the G4 Motorbike is that it modded an old Mac and made it practical again…up to 30 MPH more practical.

G3 Beer

apple g3 beer server mod design

It would be great if Macworld will start serving beer in these G3 Beer Servers, so all Apple fans to get their drink on.


necromac apple mod design

The NecroMac mod is a perfect fit for the Pharaohs, and if none will take credit…then Steve Jobs is next in line.

G4 iClock

apple ibook g4 iclock mod

A great use of an old iBook, this G4 iClock Mod makes for a great Wall clock to provide a tribute to Apple computers.

G4 Clock

apple g4 clock mod design

Another great tribute, the G4 Clock is not from a laptop but from the case of the major Macs.

Mac Toilet Paper Dispensers

mac toilet paper dispenser mod

You may continually have to upgrade your Macs, but it does not mean you cannot find something useful like these Mac Toilet Paper Dispensers to make out of them. This way you always have the Mac around.

mac toilet paper dispenser mod 2

OS Xbox Pro

os xbox pro mac mod design

Instead of simply getting a Mac, one modder decided to make the OS Xbox Pro which combines Mac specs inside an old Xbox video game console. The OS Xbox Pro comes with a 2.93Ghz Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550S processor, NVIDIA Geforce 9800 GT graphics card, 8GB of RAM, a 16GB solid state drive, four hard drives for Windows 7, Snow Leopard and two for video editing.

G4 Fish Tank

mac g4 fish tank mod design

Some Apple fanboys are so creative, when the Mac dies, they decide to bring in some new life into it…fish that is. This great G4 Mac Fish Tank would be beautiful in any home and makes for a great way to breathe new life in it.

Millennium Falcon Mod

millennium falcon mac mini mod

This is an amazing Mac Mini Mod that combines the Star Wars Millennium Falcon within its design. One thing is certain, if they were not fans before, Star Wars geeks will now look at Apple completely different.

Source 1

Steampunk Mac Mini Mod

steampunk mac mini mod design

Another cool Mac Mini Mod that combines a Screen, a Keyboard, and is Steampunk made. The result is simply beautiful and deserves high praise.

Source 1

G4 Mailbox

mac g4 mailbox mod design

An oldie but goodie, this great Mac G4 Mailbox from Dan Dixon provides great practical use for an older Mac that had to be replaced.

Mac Classic Mini

mac classic mini mod design

A great Apple mod that took an old Classic Mac and modded it to include a great Mac mini and an LCD Screen. The result is nostalgic and compact.

Source 1

G4 Mac Mini Cube Mod

mac mini g4 cube mod design

If you have an older G4 Cube Mac that is not being used, you can combine it with a Mac Mini and have a cool and unique looking result.

Source 1

MSI Macbook Mini

msi wind macbook mod design

For those who have always wanted a Mac but couldn’t afford it, here is an actual MSI Wind that was modded to look like a Mini Macbook. The result is cute, but in the end, it is NOT an Apple computer.

Classic Mac Art

classic mac yarn art mod

These are not actual working computers but true Mac artworks to provide tribute to the classic computers. The first is a Classic Mac Yarn Art to represent the old Macs as great pieces of art, and the second Mac Artwork is an old Mac that include Steve Jobs and Woz as Art.

classic mac artworks design mod