Suitcase City?

For those of you who are interested in scale model designs of train sets and model cities, this set of art mastery is definitely worth checking out.


Yin Xiuzhen created the masterpiece series entitled “Portable Art” which is currently on display in Beijing. The art was created using several different materials such as recycled clothes, suitcases, lights, maps, magnifying glasses, etc. The concept behind the project is really cool, since it involves collecting something that we usually take for granted, and putting it in a new perspective. As humans, we often realize that while skyscrapers and towers end up towering over us, we actually have just as much if not more power over them. Part of the idea behind “Portable City” is that much like Yin’s other artworks, this is supposed to be participatory; people are supposed to control and/or contribute to the pieces their own materials, ideas, or stories.


Yin’s artwork is very interesting, especially with the process that we find her making use of. Each of the cities is created by materials found in the city in question (i.e. Vancouver, Berlin etc.) and assembled them into various pieces such as buildings, bridges, greenscapes, and other structures.


Yin’s work, having been displayed worldwide, is a kind of deconstruction/reconstruction of the infrastructure, and how much more powerful we really are. It also says several different things about the world we live in today.


The “portable cities” series brings to light some interesting questions about globalization and modernization, and just the way the world seems to be more compact, not geographically, but relationally and culturally. It also gives us something to think about. Both the uniqueness and the homogeneity of each of the cities in this series reflect the fact that the world is really no longer a place where people are different; and where cities, left to their own devices, are allowed to be their own kind of creative center. Rather, it represents the cities as places that transform into something else – a kind of transforming of experience; there is nothing original or unique, just a messy carry on.


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Via Scene360