Search More, Search Fast with the Google Instant

Google has revolutionized searching over the internet, and has been in a relentless effort to make things better for us while we use the advantages of the web. Yet another innovative output from Google is the new Google Instant.

Google Instant

Google Instant is an attempt to make our searches more interactive and fast, and the results to be displayed as we type. The research team at Google observed that people read faster than they type. Users usually take around 300 milliseconds between keystrokes; whereas, they take only around 30 milliseconds for throwing a glance at the other part of the page. The latter is one-tenth of the time used by the former. As such, you can conclude that you can scan through a result page even while you are typing.

With this new addition to the Google search engine, you can get search results before you type in the complete word or sentence or for that matter, even before you click on the ‘search’ button! With the Google Instant, the static HTML page is now an AJAX application, which brings this new innovation in the lines of Gmail and Google Maps. As you type the keywords, you can come across more relevant materials, until your exact keyword is matched.

The Google Instant has some really awesome features. It has inbuilt intelligence to predict your searched words before you even complete typing, and this saves you some 2 to 5 seconds every time. Again, while you are typing in the keywords, you can take the predicted set of words and reach a more modified level for the search. In the former version of Google search, you type in a keyword, say, ‘fitts law’, and then click the search button. Google then lists pages which it finds relevant. But with this new Google Instant search, while you are typing the word ‘fitts law’, the Google search engine will start listing relevant pages, and before you click ‘search’, you will have all the relevant pages before you! Now, this is surely a smart way to save your valuable time.

Google Instant search

This matters, especially when you are into research and spend a lot of time over it. What Google did in building the Google Instant was that they deployed new caches which are fruitful for the handling of high request rates, and at the same time keeping results fresh while they re-indexed and crawled the web.

So, make sure that you try out the new Google instant, and as the name suggests, get your search results instantly! Google is rapidly making changes to deliver its best to the users; very recently it also added New Gmail Feature Lets You Call Phones from Gmail.

Via: Google