Eclipse Touch Mouse is the Height of Elegance

For some reason, people can’t seem to get enough of different mouse designs. You have mice out there for gamers (Particularly World of Warcraft Players with nothing to spend their money on but an overpriced mouse), for office workers (ergonomics is key for those long days, I hear), wireless, wired, Bluetooth…and even some Mice ModsYou name it, and someone out there has already designed a mouse for it. This Eclipse Touch mouse is yet another example; although it isn’t designed for one particular setting, home or office will work just fine.

Along with streamlined ergonomic design, the mouse features 1600dpi laser technology, and (if you actually need it) Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity which should, in theory, be able to handle whatever task you can throw at it. It also has a scrolling tilt wheel that combines with the precision of a notebook trackpad. That certainly sounds like serious business to me. The “touchscroll” module has a default mode that allows four-way onscreen scrolling (that sounds inappropriate to me…) which you can activate just by moving your little finger.

The mouse also comes with “quick touch” technology, just in case you were short on “touchy” stuff and fancy ways to say “accessible commands.” The tech allows you to combine a lot of commands into different combinations of mouse buttons and movement. As an example, you can move back and forth through web pages, or open a new browser by pressing and holding the touchscroll module, and moving it in any direction you like. Of course all these newfangled features comes at a price, and a rather steep one for a mouse. The Eclipse will run you Enhance your Game. $59.99. That’s on par with some of the other fancy mice we’ve seen here on Walyou, like the “Petpad” mouse concept or an optical mouse with a 4-D trackball. At 4d, it MUST be expensive!