World’s Largest Burger…Oops it’s a truck!

Well yes, I did think it was a huge burger at first glance but it turned out to be a truck. Unbelievable right? Imagine what the ones who will actually witness it in real-life would think.

I am sure they will go head over heels, either with excitement or with curiosity. Either way, the truck will fulfill its mission which is, to grab the attention of the crowd. It is a Westport Flea Market Truck made like a burger, and I am actually trying to figure out how they did it. Whether the toppings were made from rubber or plastic – I don’t know, but I’m truly amused with the job these guys have done. I have never seen a truck made into a burger so realistically. Hats off to the designers!

The only two things by which you can instantly recognize that it’s a truck, are the windows and the wheels. I don’t know if they kept those open on purpose or they just couldn’t find a covering for it. Maybe the truck would have looked better with wheels turned into tomatoes and the windows into black pepper? Maybe, they have just kept it open so that people would know that yes, it’s a truck and not an actual giant burger from space that they shouldn’t try to eat it. Or just maybe, covering the wheels and the windows could have disturbed the driver in his job? As you can see, there are too many ‘maybes’ right now. What else can you do when you are totally amazed by such a thing, yet you don’t know anything about it? All you can do is guess out what the guys would have possibly done!

But one thing I know for sure, is that the truck has something to do with delivering burgers or transporting them to an outlet. But that’s not a big deal as anyone could have guess that out with the ‘Westport Flea Market’ tag on the truck. The best part is the way they have made the vegetables and ketchup dropping from the sides. It looks so real that it has made me to literally crave for a burger!

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Via: Odditycentral