Fall In Love With New And Refreshing Twitter Design!

Have you tried out the very new and refreshing Twitter? Well, you must! It will be a totally new experience for you to discover the new design, new look, new functions, and all very friendly features of the website.

new twitter

Speaking specifically about the design of the new Twitter, you will find it quite easy to locate the various functions and sections of the webpage like the retweets, lists, mentions, etc. The searches will now be available above the timeline, right towards the left side of the screen. The right side too now has a new look, on which you will find other features like the people you have recently followed, your followers, your favorites, and also the Trending Topics.

new twitter video

There are other changes as well. You truly won’t be able to resist yourself from signing in to your account to check them all out. The new look is now compatible to view videos and photos. Twitter has been able to afford it through its partnership with some other well-known photo and video sharing sites like Dailybooth, YouTube, Twitgoo, Etsy, Yfrog, Flickr, TwitPic, Kickstarter,  and several others. Also, now  whenever you click on a tweet, you can find a detailed pane that will highlight every possible related thing to it, like the information of the author, other tweets made by the user, and more so, will show a map of the location from where the geotagged Tweet was sent.

twitter new

What is more interesting about the new Twitter is that to view the information about a user, you will not have to navigate away from the main page and enter in to the users account. Rather, you can now do everything right at your own page, and the mini profile concept will let you do so. Whenever you click on the username, a mini profile will be displayed on the screen that shows the important information about the user, like his bio and most recent tweets.

mini profile twitter

So, doesn’t the new Twitter sound to be a real new and refreshing idea? If you are worried as to how friendly will it be to use and how comfortable you will be with it, then that would be easy. The preview option will be there for you at least for quite many weeks. And even after switching to the new version you still can at anytime go back to the old look as you want. This will be helpful enough for you to know everything, and become familiar with the all new Twitter. So, now it is time to tweet, retweet, and then again, tweet.

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