Spare the Gutter Balls with the Arcade Bowling Game

Looking for the jewel in the crown which is your home bar? Look no further than the Arcade Bowling Game.

Arcade Bowling Game

Here at Walyou, we’re suckers for home arcade machines. The ever improving home console market might be bringing technological delights into our living rooms, but nothing lays shame to hitting the arcade with our buddies back in the old days with pocketfuls of quarters and bottles of soda.

It is always amusing to see people attempting to replicate recreational hotspots in the confines of their own homes. Your home bar or video game arcade for that matter, is lacking without this terrific Arcade Bowling Machine. As well as replicating that dark corner in the taverns with those alluring flashing lights, you get the whole bowling alley shebang in video game form.

This is the real deal people. Not only does the commercial quality physics engine entrance you with its accuracy, the built-in jukebox blares out hits like “Ain’t That a Shame” and “Tutti Frutti” from the 1950s, taking you back to that era of polished jallopies and soda fountains. Controls are simple… use the trackball to bowl down a virtual lane. This product seems well thought-out and yells attention to detail. You get to choose from 21 ball styles, 8-16 lb. ball weights, and apply spin on the balls to take down those pins and aim for a 300 game glory, while 4-player action means that you get to rub it in everyone’s face. If regulation bowling doesn’t do it for you, go nuts with 10-pin poker and 2 other games modes, amounting to 6 in total. With cherries like automatic score sheets and slow motion replays on top, there’s no denying this machine’s a winner.

So if the Golden Age nostalgia is getting to you, and you’ve got about $7000 to spare, head over to Hammacher to pick one of these babies up.

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