Get Faster Access To Emails Through Gmail Priority Inbox

Gmail has just got better with the launch of its latest Priority Inbox where in the user can get faster access to emails.

Gmail Priority Inbox

In a not so distant past, people used to write letters, both for important official matters and for personal wishes. Then, the era of e-mail dawned, which made things easier and comfortable. Then came Gmail and now, Gmail has come up with its new Priority Inbox.

Gmail, as we all know, is a free webmail, IMAP and POP3 service which is provided by Google, and was launched on 1st of April 2004. Since then, Gmail has been used by numerous people all over the world, and has made communication much easier than it ever was. If you are a professional, you receive a lot of emails every day. If you are an HR officer, then some hundreds of emails every day is not really a surprise.

Gmail PriorityInbox

At times, you must be really fed up of this huge bulk of emails which comes knocking at your inbox. Gmail, as they always do, has come up with a solution, in the form of the new Priority Inbox, which will identify your important email on its own, and will separate them from the other emails so that you have the most important matters in front of you. This unique feature is in the form of an algorithm, and the Priority Inbox will make use of keywords and the people with whom you exchange emails more often. These emails which will be identified as most important by this new feature will appear on the top of your email, so that you can deal with them sooner.

The new feature will appear just above the ‘Inbox’ folder in your Gmail. Now, instead of displaying how many unread emails are there in the Inbox, the new Priority Inbox will show you how many priority emails are yet to be read, and will be marked as ‘Important and Unread’. Below these ‘priority emails’, you will have your ‘starred mails’ and ‘flagged emails’, followed by all the other mails.

Gmail Priority box

During the testing of the new feature, researchers found out that a user usually spends around 16% less time while reading irrelevant mail. Priority Inbox is a dramatic step taken towards solving the problem faced by users in dealing with the time wasted on unwanted emails, which as a result, they are left with lesser time to devote to the most important emails.

Gmail Priority Inbox

You can have a close look to how the new Gmail Priority Inbox works at YouTube, and check mail the smarter way! I am sure you would thank Google for the addition of the latest feature just like what you must have done for the New Gmail feature that lets you Call Phones from Gmail.

Via: Google