iCoffee – Wonderful Concept!

Are you a coffee lover? If you are one, then you would love to know that there is something in the making known as the iCoffee. The iCoffee concept can actually be of real help for all coffee lovers. Imagine having a portable coffee maker in your pocket.

Whether you are in a meeting or at the bus stop, all you will need to do is to take it out and make your coffee. Fresh and hot coffee every time you want!

So what is the concept all about?

Well, the concept of iCoffee, as stated before, is to offer consumers a handy coffee maker. There will be a water tank inside iCoffee which would be refillable of course, and a battery. As soon as the user pushes the button, the battery will warm up the water, and your coffee will be ready. Here’s the better part – it has four synthesized ceramic cups, which are sturdy and of course can resist damage, to a certain extent. The whole idea here is not to present you with cups, which are unbreakable, even if you jump from the tenth floor; but it’s to offer you cups that won’t crack or could burn your skin when you put some hot coffee into it.

Apart from functions, the iCoffee looks cool too. Metallic mid body, the upper portion being transparent, and the lower one being white really make it look stunning.  But what I am wondering right now is whether it can actually be in reality or not? To be honest, I don’t think we are going to see this coffee making thing in the upcoming 10 years at least.

A mini white coffee maker with a metallic mid body… that sounds like something real cool. Besides, having a portable coffee maker would surely be a joy. But I am wondering how the health ministry would react over it to know that there is something that is making people more addicted to coffee. In fact, that is something we all should think about whenever this thing comes out. Having such a thing with us every now and then would make us totally dependent on coffee.

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Via: GadgetLite