Army of Darkness Ash Doll is Groovy

If you’re a true blue Army of Darkness and Evil Dead fan, this Ash figurine is an absolute necessity.   The seven-inch replica is reminiscent of the mini-Ashes that plague our hero – but far less dangerous.

When it comes down to it, this detailed scale model of Ash is pretty unique and dynamic – although it’s not exactly something you would find on the hardware aisle of your local S-Mart.  All the same, shopping for this figurine is definitely shopping smart.  It’s in your best interest to take Ash’s advice, since, as we all know, if you are going to shop smart, you shop at S-Mart.

The detailed figurine comes with a rifle and water bottle, with a shopping cart base to display the figure on.   I mean, really, what good would Ash be without at least his shotgun?  (Regardless, the shotgun still has its price tag on it.  No chainsaw in this equation, but his detailed metal hand is clearly visible.  The shopping cart stand features a blue light and the red, white, and blue striped cart base.

Ash looks incredibly serious in this reproduction – grim and slightly sad.  Although, I think if there’s anything that Ash enjoys, it’s destroying some of the Deadies… either those who are about to assault the castle, or those who stumble into his beloved S-Mart.  If you haven’t watched the movie in a while, check it out.  It seems to me that this figurine is an incredibly accurate representation of the final scene in the movie.  Ah, yes, you remember now.  Ash, back at home in the 21st century.

The figurine is available this month (September), from Entertainment Earth for $16.99.  Entertainment Earth is a great memorabilia site that also offers a wide range of other Army of Darkness collectibles.    If you’re looking for something a little cuddlier, you might check out the crocheted Ash doll that we reviewed a while back.   Then, if you’re as fixated on zombies and chainsaws as I am, you might be interested in this Zombie Wedding Cake.

I can practically hear that low Bruce Campbell voice saying: “Hail to the King Baby.”