Facts About Text Messaging (Infographic)

Forms of communication has come along way throughout history and one that is probably more popular then the next is text messaging. From LOL’s to WTF’s, the world of texting has become a cultural phenomenon and a large majority of teens, men, women, and children have taken this wave to a whole new level. Check out these stats presented by CellPhones.org and just how popular this trend really is.

[Source: Cellphones.org ]

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21 thoughts on “Facts About Text Messaging (Infographic)

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  5. Walyou.

    Hi everyone,

    We have noticed the “massage” typo and have contacted the Infographic designer regarding fixing it.

    Sorry about it and thank you for pointing it out.

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  8. CH.

    5. As text massages rise, talking on the phone falls.

    Text >massages<? I don't think that means what you think it means … or I have the wrong cell phone plan.

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  12. The English Language.

    “Text massaging”? Really? I might take this entire article more seriously if there weren’t all those glaring grammatical and spelling errors, especially in the first sentence. Thank you so much for wounding me.

    1. Smith.

      Yes, but they could made the protocol support longer messages if they thought it was necessary. If the researcher convinced them that was unnecessary, then it was he who caused the limit.

  13. melkor.

    60-70 billion… and it costs them nothing to send. (not talking about initial costs.. just the cost of sending 1k of data. It should be included in the data plan.


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