12 Geeky Ice Cube Trays

Partying all night long, getting sloshed by indefinite drinks, and mingling with other party animals – are not the things that geeks usually do. However, in today’s world, not even a geek can achieve success until he socializes and networks with people. Although, we know that it’s a bit difficult for a geek to exhibit the persona and style that is required by the so-called “socializing” groups; that doesn’t mean that geeks cannot socialize in their own way.

In this article we have brought out some of the coolest ice trays that will not only help geeks to party in their own style, but would also make them a unique nerdy, style statement. The ice trays mentioned here make some of the best looking, creative ice cubes that would provide the much needed geeky feel to their parties.

Eskimo Ice Fish Cube Tray

Tired of those standard square-shaped ice cubes to chill your drinks? Then here is “Eskimo Ice Tray” or “Fish Cube Tray” to add some creative touch to your parties. Eskimo Ice or Fish Cube Tray is a reusable plastic fish skeleton in which you freeze the liquid of your choice by filling in their matching molds. This Eskimo Ice can be a great attraction at theme parties.

Bullet Ice Tray

What a great way of fixing a drink for your friends by using Ice Cold Bullets made by the special “Bullet Ice Tray”. Instead of going with the regular shaped ice cubes, these bullet ice cubes will hit the right chord to enhance your party.

Lekue Crushed Ice Cube Tray

Right from Spain’s Lekue this is “The Crushed Ice Cube Tray”. This flexible silicone ice cube tray allows the cubes to be long and narrow which gives you smaller, thinner pieces of ice that break up easily to make crushed ice.

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R2-D2 Ice Tray

“R2-D2 Ice Tray” is the coolest ice cube tray for all R2-D2 fans. This Han Solo ice cube molds provide ice cubes that are shaped like Solo trapped in carbonite. These ice cubes will surely make your drinks nerdier.

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Pi Ice Tray

Pi Ice Tray” freezes the water in “Pi”-shaped ice cubes. There are times when you don’t like to get out of your geeky mode even when you have friends or guests coming over. For such situations, try the “Pi-Shaped Ice Cubes”, which though unconventional, will suite perfectly to your geeky personality and even keep your thought process intact.

Frozen Smiles Ice Cube Tray

Dentures aren’t just for Grandpa anymore! Now you can freeze up a batch of Frozen Smiles with this “Frozen Smiles Ice Cube Tray”. Ice cubes grinning right back at you from your glass is a cool way to enjoy each sip.

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Space Invaders Ice Tray

If you’re a lover of classic video games, then you would remember playing Space Invaders Game in your hey days. To replenish the memories of your childhood, here’s “Space Invaders Ice Tray”. This ice cube tray can even be used safely in ovens. Now you can also bake cakes or biscuits for your kid’s party.

Lego Ice Cube Tray

Lego Ice Cube Tray” is one of the coolest ways of freezing water. Lego Ice Cube Tray is made up of silicone and can make up to 10 cubes at a time. Now you can build an ice tower or weapon of your choice using lego-shaped ice cubes and watch your creation melt in front of you in the heat.

Tetris Block Ice Tray

Combine your love for video games and cold beverages with the Tetris Block Ice Cubes. “Tetris Block Ice Tray”, created by Czech, makes ice in various geometric and Tetris block shapes. The Ice Tray is made up of 100% food grade silicone and you can use it to bake your mini cakes or biscuits too.

Bone Ice Cube Tray

This is one of the weirdest types of ice cube trays. The “Bone Ice Cube Tray” is for all the bone diggers. Fill and freeze the tray to make an array of skull and crossbones shaped ice cubes.

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Mastrad Easy-Pop Ice Cube Tray

“Mastrad Easy-Pop Ice Cube Tray” has definitely got one of the easiest ways of releasing the ice cubes out of the tray. This ice tray features a soft silicone base under each pocket that releases the ice cube when given a quick push. Isn’t that easy?

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QuickSnap Ice Tray

Often you struggle with your ice tray when taking out frozen ice cubes from the mould, right? This “QuickSnap Ice Tray” is the solution for you. The ice tray is made up of easy mechanism to release the ice cubes. The “QuickSnap Ice Tray” comes with release tabs at the back of it which when pressed make ice cubes slip out easily. But the best part is that with its innovative mechanism individual ice cubes can be removed independently.