Bladefish 5000 Sea Jet Scooter, A Boon For Deep Sea Divers

Recreational activities have always been a remarkable way of representing sports as well as good physique. Recreational dive propulsion vehicles have got themselves a space in the sports equipments market over the last few years, and have also been of significant relevance to passionate scuba divers. The first-ever scooter that grabbed the attention of recreational scuba divers was the SeaDoo VS Supercharged. Soon after the release of the SeaDoo VS Supercharged recreational scooter, several attempts were made to manufacture new and various kinds of scooters exclusively for scuba divers.

The Bladefish 5000 Sea Jet is the latest addition to the catalogue of innovative recreational dive propulsion vehicles. The Bladefish 5000 Sea Jet has been molded in its appearance and function from several other dive propulsion vehicles. The most fascinating aspect of the Bladefish 5000 Sea Jet is that it does not restrict itself to scuba diving alone but it can also be used in several other water sports like snorkeling, swimming, etc.

Despite the fact that the Bladefish dive scooters are light and compact, they possess extraordinary power and runtime. They are engineered and sealed with rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries that make it easier for the diver to go directly into the sea without having to depend on electric motors. Technology has, through the robust sea scooter, proved that it has not spared the vastness of the sea. Moreover, the scooter is equipped with computer-controlled circuitry, a battery life meter, and double seals.

Those who like to travel a lot but have hard time carrying dive propulsion vehicles with them, they must try out the Bladefish 5000. It is the ultimate sea scooter that can easily fit itself into a carry bag or luggage. The extraordinary portability of the Bladefish 5000 sea jet has successfully seized the interest and attention of several passionate sports enthusiasts around the world.

The light weight of the sea scooter makes it easy for the owner to carry it with one hand to his or her favorite scuba diving spot. The scooter weighs 10 pounds, and boasts off approximate dimensions of 15 x 14 x 6, therefore, taking not much space on the boat, car, or garage. Being the lightest performance dive scooter in the market, it has a speed which levels up to 3.75 MPH on water with 2 hours of runtime. As far as deep recreational scuba diving depths are concerned, the Bladefish 5000 jet scooter can beat any other equipment as it has a depth rating of 130′. With its capturing virtues, the Bladefish 5000 jet scooter is indeed any snorkeler’s dream!

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