Become a Chess Champion: Mephisto Master Chess Computer by Saitek

Are all your friends good at chess, but you are not? Not to worry, I have got just the thing to solve your problem – the Mephisto Master Chess, by Saitek.Now, if you look at the picture, it looks like an ordinary chess board design with what most people would call after a look, a calculator on its right side. Well, that description is way beyond real for this thing. It has a built-in computer which you will be playing games with (very convenient if you want to play chess but no friend is there to oblige you). Though you should be warned that it is a tough computer to beat, so don’t get disheartened if you keep losing initially; but it’s really helpful if you are an advanced player or are keen to improve.

chess board

The computer can play against you in various modes such as Normal, Tournament, Speed Chess, Fun, Infinite, Problem Solving, Training, and so on as the total modes count up to 64. You can also enhance your skills by the using the coaching option that this computer offers, then you can play with it to see if your game has improved. More interesting is the fact that it has a 200-move Take back, meaning you can experiment with different combinations, and make new and improved combinations. Hence in the end, achieving a set of invincible combinations. Grandmaster moves are also stored in the computer.

The chess board itself is sensory, so you can have error-free moves. Also to make the moves more evident, it has LED board lights. The so-called calculator has a 4-digit display, and is actually a timer to improve speed. It also has power management, so as to ensure that no game goes interrupted.

Its most useful feature as I found is its saving capabilities. Now, how many times has this happened that you were in the middle of a chess game when you were interrupted by your mother calling or something else, and when you came back you found that your opponent had changed a few things? This won’t happen with this computer because it can save your games anytime you want. So by all means, if you want to go from being a rookie at chess to being a master of the game, get this for only $249.95.

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